GT13E2 MXL2 with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

The power of additive technology is the driving force behind the newest upgrade solution for GE’s GT13E2 gas turbine fleet. While delivering better operating performance and hardware durability, this solution can be available for installation much faster thanks to the short-cycle process of additive manufacturing.

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Output

What Can Upgrading Do for You?

The MXL2 with AMP drives  advanced performance for gas power producers in markets that demand more output, efficiency and reliable operation.


  • Up to 21 MW increase
  • Up to 1.6% efficiency increase
  • Up to 48,000-hour maintenance intervals
  • Up to $3 million in additional gas plant revenue annually
  • Up to $2 million in fuel savings annually

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