The New GT11N2 M Upgrade

Enhanced performance and operational flexibility.

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Flexibility: three switchable operating modes for maximum extended lifetime or extra power output and efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs: extended service intervals of up to 48,000 equivalent operating hours
  • Performance: Up to 14 MW power output and up to 1.9% (add.) gas turbine efficiency

How we get you there

The new GT11N2 M upgrade bridges the gap between the latest technological developments and existing proven gas turbine designs to keep your plant competitive. It features completely redesigned turbine blading and is now successfully operating in multiple units worldwide.

The upgrade offers the possibility of operating the turbine in three different modes, depending on specific market requirements. All three modes can be selected on demand and online. This flexibility allows electricity costs to be continuously optimized.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • GT11N2
  MCL-Mode P-Mode L-Mode
Power output increase [MW] +14.3 +10.2 +4.2
Efficiency increase (add.) [%] +1.9 +1.8 +1.6
Interval extension [kEOH] 0 +12 +24