Fuel Flexibility Conversions

Enhance your fuel use, reduce fuel costs, and grow new revenue opportunities with GE’s F-class combustion system conversions. Price fluctuations and fuel availability present continuous challenges and opportunities for plant owners and operators. These system conversions use a wide range of liquid and gas fuels, including steel mill gases, syngas, lean methane, natural gas, higher order hydrocarbons, and high hydrogen fuels, allowing you to switch from one fuel to another while running under load or during shutdown.

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

DLN 2.6/2.6+

Enable diluent-free operation in this custom solution with higher concentrations of process gas; up to 25 percent ethane/propane and 20 percent hydrogen when blended with natural gas.

Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC)

Operate on syngas, higher hydrocarbon and high hydrogen fuels.

Liquid Fuel Conversions

  • Enable distillate fuel operation to increase availability when gas fuel becomes unavailable.
  • Increase reliability with water- or air-cooled check valves, liquid fuel recirculation, and auto-N2 purge options.

How we get you there

Technical Data
Combustion System Gas Only Liquid Only Dual Fuel Fuel Blending
Dry Low NOx  

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6F, 7F, 9F

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