F-Class Enhanced Compressor

Improve your compressor reliability with GE’s suite of enhancements, packaged according to unit and site-level compressor risk. We offer solutions for numerous components such as inlet guide vanes (IGv), forward (R0), mid-stage rotating blades, forward stage stator vanes (s1 and s3), and aft stage vanes (s14-s16).

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Reduce degradation effects and stresses
  • Reduce fretting wear between the rotating blade and rotor interfaces
  • Move natural frequencies for vibratory margin
  • Improve rub characteristics
  • Augment durability and longevity
  • Improve loading and durability on the forward stage stator rings and the aft stage stator vanes

How we get you there

Technical Data
Enhanced Comp Pkg Features Outage Duration
Package 1 Controls Change 1 day
Package 2 R0 Replacement Long weekend
Package 3 IGV, R0, and Fwd Stators HGP/MI
Package 4 IGV, R0, Fwd and Aft Stators MI
Package 5 IGV, Fwd and Aft Stators, Fwd Blades MI *Pre-staged Rotor*

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6F, 7F, 9F