Combustion Fuel Flexibility

You can accommodate a full range of fuel alternatives, as well as switch from one fuel to another while running under load or during shutdown, with GE’s B-/E-class combustion systems.

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

Standard Combustion and Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC)

Operate on more than 50 types of fuels—nearly the entire fuel spectrum. Gaseous fuels ranging from traditional natural gas to hydrogen to syngas, and liquid fuels ranging from light distillates to heavy fuel oil (HFO).


Dry Low NOx (DLN)

Reduce fuel costs with customized solutions that enable higher concentrations of process gas to be blended and burned diluent-free with natural gas in a DLN combustor

Dual Fuel Conversions

  • Liquid conversion kits — Operate on liquid fuels, providing start up fuel when you want to use non-standard fuels. Increase plant availability via emergency automatic fuel transfers when gas fuel becomes unavailable.
  • Gas conversion kits — Switch to natural gas or liquid natural gas (LNG), resulting in lower emissions, longer inspection intervals, and longer hardware life compared to liquid fuels

How we get you there

New Quoting Limits
Hydrogen (H2) Up to 32%
Ethane (C2H6) Up to 100%
Ethylene (C2H4) Up to 49%
Propane (C3H8) Up to 100%
Propylene (C3H6) Up to 35%
Butane (C4H10) Up to 100%

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6B,7E, 9E, GT11N2