Asymmetric Diffuser - LM/TM2500

Aeroderivative gas turbine generators may face special requirements regarding footprint and space restrictions. These restrictions can lead to pressure losses downstream of the power turbine. The pressure losses affect engine output and fuel consumption. The Asymmetric Diffuser has higher reliability with improved structural integrity.

  • Emissions
  • Efficiency

What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Reduces power turbine exhaust back-pressure
  • Increases GT output
  • Improves GT heat rate
  • Increased output by up to 2%
  • Improved heat rate by up to 2%
  • Increased availability
  • Decreased maintenance and operating costs

How we get you there

  • The Asymmetric Diffuser is designed to be a bolt-in replacement for the current symmetric diffuser, and it bolts directly at the turbine rear frame flange interface. 
  • The upgrade requires either the removal of the existing exhaust collector from the package, or the removal of the engine from the package to install the new components.
  • It is structurally more robust and has a better weight-to-strength ratio compared to the current diffuser. 
  • It comes with a wedge that is installed in the exhaust collector to deflect the exhaust flow to center of the cone minimizing turbulence.
  • GE recommends customers consider replacing the current collector, tunnel and deflector with the latest advanced material (design remains same) if their current hardware has become extensively cracked and in need of significant repair, as this solution is most optimal for the long term. 


Applicable Turbine Models

  • LM/TM2500