Gas plant flexibility for a changing world

In the past, gas plants were designed to provide base load efficient power, but today, with the dramatic increase of weather-dependent solar and wind capacity, gas plants are being asked to provide critical renewable-balancing grid support, making flexibility more of a priority than ever. To remain competitive, 7F plant owners and operators must address the competing challenges of pressure to comply with more stringent emissions regulations, changing operating profiles that go beyond a plant’s original design, and finding innovative ways to stay profitable.

Keeping your 7F gas plant relevant in the future energy mix

Tapping into our industry-leading Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+ technology, the new 7F Flex solution offers significantly lower turndown capability, which gives you the flexibility to stay running more frequently while maintaining lower fuel burn and emissions. It leverages GE’s industry-leading DLN 2.6+ solution combined with proven Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) technology from our 7HA gas turbines while delivering broader emissions-compliant operating range and faster startup times. This combination of lowering operating costs and capturing new revenue streams capabilities can help you grow profitability through a more competitive operating profile.

  • Emissions
  • Flexibility
  • Output

DLN 2.6+ Flex with AFS benefits

  • Stay online longer. With a lower turndown capability to 25% GT load, the DLN 2.6+ Flex solution can help increase operational flexibility while maintaining lower fuel burn and lower emissions.
  • Reduce variable costs. Our DLN 2.6+ Flex solution offers reduced minimum fuel burn by 25%, which can help you achieve annual fuel savings of $1M-$4M.
  • Increase your profitability. Greater operational flexibility helps you see potential for up to $1M in additional revenue thanks to increased access to ancillary services, including spinning reserves and peak power bids.

…all within the same footprint as your existing 7F gas turbine. Additionally, DLN 2.6 + Flex can be combined with GE’s digital solutions like Fast Start, Fast Ramp, Dispatch Optimizer, as well as gas turbine performance upgrades such as the Advanced Gas Path packages.


Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA)

SCPPA’s Magnolia power plant mission is to provide reliable low-cost power to Los Angeles County residents, and they wanted to both lessen operating losses that occurred during negative power prices and avoid starts, since the plant is limited to five starts per month based on their air permit.

In November, GE will upgrade one 7FA.03 unit at Magnolia, which is expected to increase operational flexibility, lower maintenance and fuel costs, and reduce emissions. This technology will expand Magnolia’s load ranges so they can run their plant at lower loads to tolerate adverse market conditions for longer periods of time. The additional improved turndown will help mitigate negative spark spreads, reduce fuel consumption, and can decrease financial penalties for overgeneration.

Magnolia’s expected benefits include an approximately 25 ppt reduced turndown, ~30% reduction in fuel consumption, and savings around $4M per year. 



The industry's widest load range in its class

The industry's widest load range in its class