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With advanced installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade solutions across your total plant assets, our full suite of service solutions addresses your entire GT26 technology operation.  Our global team of GT26 service experts is ready to help you improve the output, efficiency, availability and flexibility of your gas-fired plant. Take a look at all our offerings here.


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We have spent 20 years investing in innovative solutions to help GT26 gas turbine customers keep up with evolving market dynamics. Today, our fleet of more than 100 units delivers 37 GW of power capacity in 21 countries, and we’re developing the latest upgrades to help keep you competitive in a challenging marketplace.

GT26 Videos

GT26 Technical Project Management Program

Nemanja Djokic shares how his Technical Project Management team provides operational support to GT26 plant owners across the globe.


Uniper collaboration for outage excellence

GT26 High Efficiency

The first F-class gas turbine upgrade to achieve H-class performance levels at greater than 60% combined cycle efficiency.

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KA26 Fast Start

Get connected and generate power to the grid faster and more economically.

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GT24/GT26 Low Part Load

Want to increase your load flexibility, reduce fuel costs and increase turndown to as low as 30%?

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GT24/GT26 Compressor Upgrade

Increase your output by up to 38 MW in combined cycle without affecting engine architecture.

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Rotor Life Management

Address all phases of your gas turbine rotor’s lifecycle to keep your fleet operating over the long term.

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KA26 Low Load Operation

Park your GT26 fired combined-cycle plant at extremely low load while staying emission-compliant.

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GT26 success stories


GE and Uniper - GT26 Turbine Upgrade
London, England
For more than 35 years, Uniper’s trusted technology partner has been GE. Most recently, Uniper was the first power producer to order the High Efficiency (HE) upgrade for GT26 gas turbines—the industry’s first upgrade that blends major F- and H-Class technologies. With the HE GT26 upgrade, Uniper’s Enfield power plant in London is expected to reach new levels of performance and profitability.
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