Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Field Services

Every minute of availability matters. Our field service engineers bring best practice expertise from the world’s largest global fleet to yours, and we’ll work together to extend your availability and reduce your lifecycle costs. From inspections and proactive recommendations, through planned and unplanned outages, to ongoing tuning and support, as a GE customer, you can call on people you know and trust to extend the life and improve the reliability of your plant.

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Proactive Planning

Preplanning increases the value of outages and reduces their length. We assemble a team to walk your site and make assessments and recommendations to enhance your plant operation. Using noninvasive evaluation tools and sophisticated analytics up to a year before your outage, your GE field services team arrives onsite fully prepared with the appropriate parts and resources, which makes for fewer surprises and a more efficient use of your outage time. 

With You from Shutdown to Startup

Your local GE engineers make it a priority to get to know your plant and your people. They’re also backed by a global network of technical, repair, and analytics experts to make the most of your planned outage time and respond quickly to unplanned events. Because our specialty technicians and craftsmen can do more of the work onsite, you can better manage your schedule more closely and minimize the uncertainty of shipping components to repair shops.

GE has an impressive safety record in the gas turbine field services industry. Every onsite event is meticulously planned and monitored to ensure the safety of people, the plant, and the environment. We’ve received approximately 120 awards and recognitions globally from customers and government agencies.

In-Service Inspections

Help ensure the integrity of your insulation and mechanical support systems with inspections from GE. Each unit requires specific tests and analysis:

  • Borescope inspections of the compressor and turbine
  • Smart borescope inspection for longer inspection intervals
  • Compressor blade R0/R1 penetrant inspection, in-situ or case off
  • Gas turbine wheel dovetail eddy current inspections, rotor removed
  • Ping test to determine resonant frequency and response of stator compressor vanes in stages S0 to S5
  • Forward stub shaft UT
  • Inspections to support rotor life extension – customized per rotor model

Outage Services

Proper planning and expert support are essential to slashing the length of your outages, allowing you to benefit from less downtime. Our outage services team has broad experience handling both planned and unplanned outages and can work with you to create an integrated plan, including processes, resources, parts, and repairs.

Our Outage Advantage program enhances execution through a tailored selection of technologies and service options focused on performance and maintenance management.


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