Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Service Solutions

Solutions from our Power Services business ensure that your gas turbine can fulfill its full lifetime potential, anywhere in the world. Through evolutionary technology we are increasing the competitiveness of the installed base with new and improved parts, spares, upgrades, and software solutions. Our technologies boost reliability and flexibility, reduce the environmental footprint and cut cost of production by increasing efficiency, and the intervals between inspections. 

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Can you future-proof your power plant?

Power plants built 20 years ago weren’t optimized to achieve the operational goals of today and physics and financial challenges of the near-future. So, how can we prepare? Join our webinar to learn about today’s evolving energy landscape and the impact the market can have on your plant’s profitability potential.


Jeff Chann

Power markets intelligence leader, GE Gas Power

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Featured Upgrades

6B Repowering Upgrade

The new 6B Repowering upgrade can advance performance in both gas turbine and combined-cycle operation:


  • Output increase up to 25% (combined-cycle operation)
  • Efficiency improvement up to 5 points (simple and combined-cycle operation)
  • Turndown as low as 40%
  • NOx reduction as low as 15 ppm
  • Fits into the existing 6B footprint

…all without sacrificing the unit’s renowned reliability—which exceeds 98%--or fuel flexibility.

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GT13E2 MXL2 with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

The power of additive manufacturing technology is the driving force behind the newest upgrade solution for GE’s GT13E2 gas turbine fleet. The MXL2 with AMP features components created through the additive manufacturing process that enables advanced performance for power producers in markets that demand more output, efficiency and reliable operation. 


  • Up to 21 MW increase
  • Up to 1.6% efficiency increase
  • Up to 48,000-hour maintenance intervals
  • Up to $3 million in additional gas plant revenue annually
  • Up to $2 million in fuel savings annually

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Discover our Fleet360* solutions

CS16785-01 7F DLN Infographic


  • More than 64 million hours of operation
  • 1,600+ units in 58 countries
  • 99% annual reliability 


  • More than 217 million hours of operation
  • 3,700+ units in 99 countries
  • Reliability at > 98.5%


  • More than 100 million hours of operation
  • 1,500+ units in 60+ countries
  • Reliability exceeding 99%


  • 230 years of power generation services experience
  • Solutions for 90+ OEM brands
  • 3,200 monitored gas plant assets across numerous OEMs
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