More stringent environmental regulations require improved solutions for flue gases. GE offers a full set of dry or wet FGD service solutions to upgrade your equipment to a high-tech design with optimal performance.

The following solutions are available for the wet FGD. 

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SulfiTrac Sulfite Analyzer

Our patented solution provides real-time measurement and control of the sulfite concentration in the slurry, allowing for reduced power consumption from the blower. Designed to cope with harsh environments, our sulfite analyzer can be installed in the existing slurry slip stream with no need for an outage or process alteration.

Spray Headers - Improved design for uniform flue gas coverage

The optimal alignment and distance between the spray headers and the nozzles enable a uniform distribution of the liquid (slurry) and the flue gas. GE’s design increases the gas / liquid contact and improves the SO2 removal efficiency at lower energy consumption.

Nozzle types - Optimal droplet diameter and dispersion

GE increases the efficiency of the SO2 absorption with the optimum design and location on the spray bank of the spray nozzles. Our hollow cone and bi-directional nozzles are positioned with computer modeling to achieve optimized gas to liquid contact, scrubbing efficiency and reduce gas sneakage. 

Mist Eliminator - Prevents droplets carry over at reduced pressure loss

GE’s modelling of the mist eliminators, spacing and orientation minimizes the droplet re-entrainment. Through extensive testing and experience, GE recommends the appropriate washing cycle that secures low pressure drop translating in energy savings and securing reliable operation.

Performance Enhancing Plates - Increased gas to liquid contact

Improved gas distribution for each spray level and reduced risk for areas with high gas velocities at the scrubber wall can be achieved by upgrading with enhancing plates. The improved gas distribution will increase gas to liquid contact and result in more efficient SO2 removal.

Tray upgrades - Optimal velocity with additional perforated tray

GE’s tray design improves the optimal gas to liquid contact rate for incoming gas distribution. The tray installation has shown improved scrubbing performance and lower total operating energy consumption.

Slurry preparation equipment - Ball mill, mixers and pumps

GE’s overall process expertise and assessment of current operation conditions will confirm any tuning needs for limestone preparation. The quality of limestone and proper grinding level in the ball mill is very important for the most efficient SO2 removal.