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Field Services

GE’s global field service network has a strong local presence and supports customers with the latest tools, technological support, and engineering capabilities. It provides inspection services, maintenance management, field repairs, erection, commissioning, construction, and supervision. Our vast technical and outage management experience allows us to service, retrofit, and upgrade your plant to improve performance on both OEM and cross-fleet ECS systems. With an absolute commitment to quality and EHS, GE’s operational processes cover both planning and execution to ensure on-time delivery.

Advice and Operational Support

GE’s dedicated technical service and process engineers are backed by unmatched installed base experience, enabling us to provide best-in-class technical assistance and support to any OEM design. We support customers in choosing the right solution to maximize their ECS performance, availability, and reliability. We offer the largest range of innovative services like inspections, condition and lifetime assessments, outage management, ERP, monitoring and diagnostics, remote control and optimization (via proprietary systems ProMo and Predix), and training.

Servicing cross-fleet equipment 

Following a series of acquisitions and mergers over the last century, GE benefits from a large heritage of brands comprising the broadest technical product portfolio and expertise capability. Today we can service, upgrade, or retrofit the world’s widest range of ECS systems including designs from Lurgi, Rothemühle, HRC, Buell, MHI, any many others.