Environmental Control Services for Power Plants

Utility and industrial customers, as well as independent power producers want to focus on their core businesses. GE Steam Power has the technical expertise, equipment know-how and process capabilities to service your pollution and air quality control equipment and reduce the parasitic load on your power plant.

Services for GE and cross-fleet Environmental and air quality control equipment

From spare parts and guaranteed maintenance, to long term service agreements, we offer all of the services you need to more effectively manage your power plant's environmental control systems. Our portfolio covers all power plant pollution, emission and air quality control services, for GE and cross-fleet equipment.

Our ECS and AQCS services include: 

  • Guarantee compliance with current or future emissions control regulations
  • Optimize air quality control maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy and reagent consumption
  • Extend power plant capabilities
  • Minimize capital investment and space requirements
  • Optimize pollution control equipment lifetime
  • Improve byproduct recovery

AQCS & ECS upgrades: We offer a range of cost-effective upgrade solutions to help you reduce your environmental footprint. 
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AQCS & ECS maintenance & repairs: Our vast technical and outage management experience allow us to service and upgrade your air quality and environmental controls to improve performance on both OEM and cross-fleet ECS systems.
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AQCS & ECS parts: For original and custom-designed components (ESP, FF, Dry and Wet FGD), we supply a wide range of replacement parts and control systems.
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Multi-Year Agreements: We ensure custom environmental control systems by connecting your plant's physical assets with digital technology to enhance guaranteed outputs and give greater flexibility for your plant's specific long-term goals. 
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Our services team works around the world with companies optimizing their products to be more efficient.

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