GE has a complete portfolio of cross-fleet performance solutions for the SGT-800 that can help you improve your industrial processes and operations. 

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Adopting the technology

Our team of 300+ engineers has fully characterized SGT-800 technology and can support various engine models.


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A wide range of capabilities

Our cross-fleet portfolio includes planning and inspections, maintenance and repairs, technology upgrades, outcome-based service agreements, and scalable plant-level solutions.


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Excellence in execution

Our team, which on average has 11 years of experience on SGT-800 engine models, has successfully executed outages on 4 engine models.


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A portfolio that can adjust to your needs

Our lifecycle solutions for SGT-800 gas turbines can expand the value of their OEM designs with proprietary GE technologies including  advanced coatings, stronger alloys, and enhanced cooling to provide enhanced performance.

  • Adaptable SGT-800 maintenance package
    Reliable parts, repairs, and outage services that enable you to mitigate maintenance costs while also providing nominal performance gains.

  • Xtend Pack
    Extend intervals to 40k and gain flexibility in your SGT-800 maintenance schedule.

  • Xtend Pack Plus
    All of the benefits of the Xtend Pack upgrade PLUS full engine coverage.

Benefits of Cross-Fleet Solutions for SGT-800

  • Increased maintenance intervals up to 40,000 operating hours/900 starts
  • Increased output up to 6%, efficiency up to 1.5%
  • Improved turndown capability
  • Improved emissions < 15 ppm NOx, 9 ppm CO
  • Maintained OEM reliability and availability

We apply the latest tools and technologies

  • Additive and advanced machining
  • Proprietary GE technologies
  • Advanced materials and coatings
  • Innovative testing facilities
  • Scanning and modelling technology
  • Tooling/fixturing

To learn more about cross-fleet solutions for the SGT-800, contact GE today. 


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Introducing GE’s cross-fleet solutions

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