GE cross-fleet solutions for other OEM equipment

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with 270+ years of experience, we offer a range of cross-fleet capabilities to advance the performance and reliability of 90+ OEM brands across major plant assets, including:  gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and boilers. 


Gas Turbine Solutions

We are applying insights from our F-class fleet – amassed from 50 million operating hours – to deliver better performance and reduced downtime for select Siemens and Mitsubishi gas turbines, including SGT-800 and 501F. 



Steam Turbine Solutions

Whether you are operating a Large Fossil Steam Plant, Nuclear Plant, Industrial Plant or Mechanical Drive Plant, our tailored solutions include support for more than 90 OEM brands. 



Generator Solutions

Our cross-fleet generator solutions apply to all installed generator brands, regardless of cooling technology or size. Our cross-fleet experience includes 150+ stator rewinds.



HRSG/Boiler Solutions

Our HRSG and boiler solutions support all OEM brands, including Babcock Borsig (now Bilfinger), AC Boilers, Nooter Eriksen, HRST, Stork, Vogt, and CMI.


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Advanced technology upgrades

Patented GE technology that increases intervals, efficiency, and flexibility adopted for non-GE machines.


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Repair and maintenance

Expert maintenance and repair services using our global network of repair facilities and dedicated cross-fleet field resources.


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Available for gas plants and steam plants with other OEM equipment, MYAs guarantee improvements in asset performance and customer services over the life of the contract.


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Digital solutions

From our global Monitoring and Diagnostics Centers, GE currently monitors more than 1,000 cross-fleet assets and supplies data driven insights to our customers.


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