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Cross-Fleet Gas Turbine Solutions

Discover our lifecycle solutions for other OEM equipment


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with 270+ years of experience, we offer a range of capabilites to advance the performance and reliability of other OEM gas turbine fleets, including Siemens' and Mitsubishi's SGT-800 and 501F units. We are applying insights from our F-class fleet — amassed from 50 million operating hours — to deliver better performance and reduced downtime of your other OEM gas turbine fleets. 

Over the past year, we have successfully executed multiple outages on Siemens and Mitsubishi equipment covering a wide variety of inspection, integration, and upgrade scopes. 

Discover our portfolio of services for cross-fleet gas plants.  


Patented and proprietary GE technologies such as advanced coatings, stronger alloys, and enhanced cooling in turbine and combustion components help extend maintenance intervals and increase performance output of your cross-fleet power generation equipment. Our cross-fleet solutions portfolio offers a comprehensive range of services, including:  

  • Planning and inspections
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Advanced technology upgrades
  • Outcome-based service agreements
  • Scalable plant-level solutions 
  • Remote monitoring 

In addition, our global network of 40 service centers have proven processes to inspect and analyze cross-fleet hardware, develop repair solutions that will keep power producers up and running, and improve overall plant performance.

Ready to learn more? Watch the below video or explore our solutions for 501F and SGT-800.

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Our dedicated portfolio of service solutions for the 501F gas turbine fleet will help you realize greater value from your machines — and overall plant operations — including:

  • Increased intervals of up to 32,000 hours/1,250 starts (for fewer combustion inspections)

  • More output and better efficiency in both simple-cycle and combined-cycle operations

  • Improved emissions with lower turndown and fuel flexibility

  • Rotor life monitoring and life extension

  • Repair for performance solutions compatible with OEM hardware with the potential to double component life - resulting in significant performance improvements that are comparable to full gas turbine system upgrades

We have completed a number of outages at various 501F plants with scopes including inspection services on all major plant components and systems.

GE cross-fleet infographic

Our dedicated portfolio of service solutions for the SGT-800 help you realize greater value from your machines including:

  • Significantly extended maintenance intervals of up to 40,000 hours/900 starts while maintaining boundary conditions

  • Increased output by up to 6% and efficiency up to 1.5%

We have signed multiple long-term contracts to provide maintenance and performance upgrades for SGT-800 engines.


GE cross-fleet infographic
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