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What Can our NOx Solutions Do for You?

You can benefit from a state-of-the-art combination of boiler service technologies and engineering for cost-effective in-boiler NOx compliance, for both power generation plants and industry-specific plants.

Primary low NOx measures include our portfolio of cutting-edge low NOx burners. We can help you reduce NOx levels by up to 50% with a combination of LNCFS™ for our OEM boilers, RSFC™ and RoBTAS™ for other manufacturers’ boilers, and our overfire air systems.

We can help you achieve a secondary reduction of up to 30% of NOx with a selective non-catalytic converter (SNCR) system. This works by injecting urea or ammonia in the upper part of the furnace. At temperatures of 1500° to 2010°F the NOx is reduced without the need for a catalyst. 

The GE Umbrella-SNCR (U-SNCR) is unique because the urea is sprayed within the furnace with a nozzle that is adjustable in height. The process uses cooled lances which carry flexible hoses arranged in the furnace. There are no boiler size constraints, and the technology is easy to control.

By selecting GE, you can reduce your NOx boiler emissions by up to 60% while remaining competitive and productive.