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Boiler Technical Services

Our goal: Ensure your boiler is operating at optimal condition and performances all around the clock for maximum plant availability. Our experts and field engineers can rely on our extensive 1,700 boilers fleet experience for troubleshooting, conditions assessment and the training of your operational team.

Real Customer Outcomes: One of the main and recurrent challenge you might encounter is the tube erosion of your boiler. Being in 600MW plant or a pulp and paper production plant, your boiler is exposed to high temperature gases that can cause tube corrosion or erosion.

At GE, we have a deep understanding of the boiler system, whatever the fuel or the application, and we have developed a unique thermal spray cladding called AmStar 888®.  Our proprietary metallurgy, surface preparation and high velocity continuous combustion (HVCC) application process resists cracking, spalling, and stress. Thanks to this solution, you can significantly reduce your equivalent forced outage rate while not affecting the heat absorption of the tube.

In addition to boiler tube erosion repair, GE provides the following industrial and utility boiler plant services solutions:

  • Outage planning and inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Instruction/training/e-learning
  • Reliability troubleshooting
  • Root cause determination
  • Equipment/systems testing
  • Systems evaluations
  • Operational reviews
  • Condition assessment
  • Performance improvement
  • Dedicated Engineer Program
  • Thermal spray claddings

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