Boiler Service Solutions

When boiler operators need a reliable, efficient solution to help stay online, they turn to GE Power Services. With our rapid response capabilities and over 100 years of OEM technology and service experience, we are a reliable partner with a global presence and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help power producers generate electricity more efficiently.

Our Boiler Portfolio for all types, brands and industries

We service utility, waste-to-energy, petrochemical, pulp and paper and other industrial sectors, and our expertise includes coal, lignite, biomass, gas- and oil-fired boilers, regardless of type or brand. Customers can count on support through every stage of the service process, from fuel to waste handling and from operations and maintenance to performance and lifecycle improvements.

Our services solutions include: 

Boiler upgrades: Get improved safety, availability, environmental compliance, and reduce total cost of ownership (CAPEX and OPEX) with our range of upgrades. Our priority is developing our innovative solutions to ensure you are competitive in your industry—throughout your equipment’s life cycle. 
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Boiler maintenance & repairs: We’ve gained our experience across a variety of equipment types and brands, and our expertise with all fuel types has been built over many years, with many customers, at a variety of plant sites. We’ve solved common problems, and we’ve solved unique ones for a range of industries including utility, industrial, waste-to-energy, petrochemical, and pulp and paper.
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Boiler parts: Take advantage of in-kind parts replacements or upgraded assemblies to both enhance performance and extend time between outages. To improve equipment reliability and reduce outage duration, we offer 24/7 emergency support and expedited components. 
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Multi-year agreements: Our service agreements can connect your plant's physical assets with digital technology, providing guaranteed outputs and greater flexibility for your specific long-term goals. 
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Our boiler-making experience goes back over 100 years and includes the heritage of major boiler manufacturers, such as Combustion Engineering (CE), EVT, Stein Industries, NEI, ABB and Alstom.



We have a full range of offerings across many mill types, including those from GE and its legacy companies (including CE, EVT and Stein), B&W, BPI, Riley, Hitachi, and Foster Wheeler. Depending on your needs and financial situation, we can partner with you to find a solution that works.

Coal Mill Service Solutions 


By the Numbers

  • Installations in 1,700+ plants 
  • 30%+ of the world’s global fleet 
  • Up to 80% CO reduction with boiler tuning (500 MW coal plant)

Featured Customer Outcome


Boiler Optimization Solutions in the Czech Republic

Amid evolving environmental regulations and growing air quality concerns, ČEZ Group—the largest utility in Central and Eastern Europe—demonstrated its commitment to improving emissions through an advanced boiler modernization project involving two steam power plants in the Czech Republic.
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Our services team works around the world with companies optimizing their products to be more efficient.

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