Choices for performance, reliability, and lifetime extension . 

GE offers the manufacturer know-how to deliver a turnkey solution while still managing individual constraints. From inspections to repairs to upgrades, we tailor our products and services to our customers’ specific balance of plant requirements. 


Mechanical balance of plant

Our more than 45 years of manufacturing experience, an install base of over 20 countries, and our legacy Alstom heritage provides GE with the industry knowledge that ensures your balance of plant equipment is in good hands. 

  • Demonstrated enhancement of heat exchanger performance and lifetime (both in nuclear islands and turbine halls)
  • Proven OEM experience with moisture separator reheaters (MSR), high-pressure/low-pressure heaters, condensers, and condenser tube cleaning systems (CTCS) 
  • Continuous innovation in engineering and onsite activities to decrease outage cost and duration 

Tube bundle replacement procedure

From replacement with identical tubes to resizing for a power upgrade, GE can tailor the solution to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle Replacement:

  • Improved MSR performance
  • Possible uprate in power
  • Ability to adapt to new operating parameters and environmental conditions
  • Up to 20 years of extended equipment lifetime
  • Enhanced ability to meet regulatory requirements (including local pressure equipment regulations)

Inspection services – MSR performance maintenance

In addition to statutory controls, GE provides a comprehensive view of the state of the MSR through our experience as a manufacturer. Our team can identify potential issues and propose preventive maintenance as well as review operations and reliability.

Benefits of Inspection Services:

  • Take advantage of GE’s OEM expertise and fleet experience
  • Thorough evaluation of MSR operation: mechanical, thermal aspects
  • Identify critical work to be undertaken with prioritization and estimated costs

Condenser Tube Cleaning System (CTCS)

We design and provide the CTCS your equipment needs. Our automatic condenser tube cleaning methods, formerly known as Technos solutions, help to maintain power plant efficiency. GE can adapt to your individual flow and water constraints, ultimately delivering the solution that works for your needs, from design to manufacturing.

Benefits of Employing a Condenser Tube Cleaning System:

  • Maintain condenser performance
  • Continuously clean an operating unit –with no shutdown
  • Works without any chemical treatment
  • No environmental impact
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Electrical balance of plant

GE is a market leader of electrical maintenance. We’ve designed and built power plants for 40 years, and we offer a variety of services to qualify, manufacture, build, and repair electrical balance of plant components.

  • Turnkey solutions (engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning)
  • Nuclear and seismic qualification
  • Classified instrumentation for the turbine hall and nuclear island
  • Electrical and mechanical repair
  • LV and HV wiring, electrical heat tracing, and battery replacement
  • Manufacturer of electrical cubicles and switchboards with Protea products

PROTEA –Electrical Cubicles and Switchboards

PROTEA, a GE subsidiary, with more than 40 years of experience as manufacturer, offers a wide range of services for electrical cubicles and switchboards for industrial applications for integration into your balance of plant system. Standard or customized equipment enables high quality and competitivity. PROTEA offers a complete solution from design and purchasing to execution, testing, and shipment.

We offer:

  • LV switchboards
  • Control and protection panels
  • Control room desk and panels, mosaic board
  • Degree of Protection: from IP31 to IP 54
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to international standards
  • Seismic compliance
  • Functional tests

Water treatment services

Water quality of the cooling loop and of the water-steam cycle is key to the performance and lifetime of equipment. Our portfolio of power plant water treatment systems encompasses turnkey projects, in compliance with current and future environmental regulations, and a commitment to operational excellence.

  • EPC turnkey projects for water treatment (cooling circuit + water-steam cycle)
  • Increased performance of cooling towers with anti-scaling units
  • Decreased bacteria proliferation risks with biocide units
  • To avoid major civil work operations, our water treatment solutions can be adapted as a container unit

Anti-scaling solutions

We provide a complete anti-scaling water treatment solution by enabling control of fouling (scale and mud) in both cooling towers and condensers. This is key for both performance and lifetime duration of the cold end systems.

Benefits of anti-scaling solutions for your power plant:

  • Autonomous water treatment unit with unloading, storage, analysis, mixing, and injection functions
  • Turnkey project that includes civil work, HVAC, electrical distribution, automation and controls, chemical process, and commissioning
  • Treated volumes up to 50,000 m3 and flows up to 30 m3/s
  • Different solutions (chemical or dispersing) according to cooling water properties and local environmental regulations:
    • Chemical with sulfuric acid for scale
    • Dispersing with organic polymers for scale and mud
  • Continuous and adapted monitoring of the system and its impact on the cooling tower

Amoeba and Legionella Control Solutions

We provide a complete biocide water treatment solution by enabling control of amoeba and legionella growth in cooling towers according to local environmental and sanitary regulations.

Benefits of our biocide solution for your power plant:

  • Autonomous cooling tower water treatment unit with unloading, storage, analysis, mixing, and injection functions
  • Injection of monochloramine depending on your local regulation
  • Turnkey project that includes civil work, HVAC, electrical distribution, automation and controls, chemical process and commissioning
  • Treated volumes up to 50,000 m3 and flows up to 30 m3/s
  • Compliance with future environmental regulations
  • Operational improvements with online legionella counting monitoring device


Power Plant security

Power plant security is a day-to-day challenge and needs to be constantly adapted to external threats. GE has led several complex power plant security systems around the world.

We offer:

  • Integration capabilities to prevent and detect intrusion on your facilities
  • Facility upgrades to mitigate both current and future threats
  • Solutions that integrate with installed systems: fences, security software, access control, sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Our solution design is driven by your three major challenges:
    • Improving detection reliability
    • Delaying potential intrusions
    • Enhancing access control


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Pumps and motors

We offer a wide range of experience on a number of different power plant pumping systems (both in nuclear islands and turbine halls). From regular maintenance operations to complete replacement, GE can provide the right solution that best fits your needs, as your nuclear pump manufacturer.

  • OEM experience of nuclear power plant motors and pumps: Bergeron, Rateau, Acec
    • Steam turbine-driven feedwater
    • Residual heat removal system
    • Condenser extraction system
    • Safety injection system
    • Containment spray system
    • Auxiliary feedwater system
  • Repairs can be made in GE workshops or on customer sites
  • Full maintenance—including decontamination
  • Manufacturer (shafts, windings, rotors, insulation, wiring)
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