Operators of ESPs can benefit from upgrade solutions to extend lifetime, reduce emissions, and lower maintenance costs. This enables you to increase the output of your plant while maintaining your Environmental Control Systems (ECS). We’ll work with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your plant’s technical and economic conditions before we help you select renovation and upgrade solutions.

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SIR - High Frequency Power Supplies for ESPs

Our patented Switched Integrated Rectifier (SIR) technology reduces the particulate emission level and improves ESP overall performance without the need for costly extensions. We offer a wide range of advanced high voltage power supplies for electrostatic precipitators to meet your plant’s requirements.

  • Reduces up to 70% particulate emissions compared to conventional technology, and emission levels reduced down to below 10mg/Nm3 particulate emissions, when required
  • Suitable for installation on new or existing ESPs from GE and other manufacturers
  • Suitable for ESPs in power and industrial applications, such as cement and pulp and paper
  • Over 95% electrical efficiency
  • Avoids cost-intensive retrofit
  • More than 4,500 SIR units in operation around the world

GE provides robust and reliable equipment with the highest expertise and service capabilities in air quality control systems.

EPIC - Advanced ESP Integrated Controller

EPIC (Electrostatic Precipitator Integrated Controller) is an ESP bus-section controller for T/Rs, which includes basic functionalities, energy savings, current control, spark detection, and rapping efficiency. It performs advanced optimization using software algorithms like EPOQ (Electrostatic Precipitator Optimizing of Charge) and OpOpt (Opacity Optimization) to obtain optimum performance from the ESP.

Emissions levels well below 10mg/Nm3 particulate emissions can be achieved.

EPOQ - ESP optimization software for high resistive fly ashes

Building on proven process experience in particulate matter control, GE’s EPOQ (Electrostatic Precipitator Optimizing of Charge) software is an intelligent solution for optimization of ESP performance. Thanks to self-adjusting algorithms and individual bus-control, emissions can be minimized and power consumption optimized when handling high resistive fly ashes.