Aeroderivative Leasing Program

GE’s aeroderivative lease pool program is designed to help customers reduce overall life cycle costs and provide a low cost method for maintaining unit availability. Customers can improve site availability by leasing equipment from GE when their own equipment is at a depot for repair, or when equipment is being repaired on site. 

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Benefits of Aeroderivative Leasing

  • Alternative or supplementary to spare engines
  • Guaranteed asset availability
  • The largest LM fleet, over 120 engines ready to be deployed
  • Members pay reduced annual fees and usage rates
  • Spare engine support without major investment

How We Get You There

You can lease equipment from GE when your own equipment is at a depot for repair or when it cannot be repaired on-site within a reasonable amount of time. Formal lease agreements, containing the specific terms and conditions of the lease, are executed prior to leasing an engine from GE. Lease assets are provided under member or non-member lease agreement concepts.

Members: A member lease agreement is a contract of six-year duration that provides a guarantee of availability. You pay an annual membership fee and a weekly usage fee whenever a lease asset goes into service at your facility.

Non-Members: A customer who has not opted for the six-year member lease agreement may use a GE lease asset on a single event basis under the terms of a non-member lease agreement. Availability for non-member usage is not guaranteed. A one-time fee and higher weekly usage fee applies to non-members.