The world is transitioning from an electricity system based primarily upon large, centralized generation, transmission and distribution (T&D) technologies, to one that also embraces distributed, digitally-enhanced, and low-carbon technologies. Traditional and emerging, physical and digital, large and small, are all converging to create a new twenty-first century power network. GE is leading this transformation and co-creating the future of energy with our customers across the globe.

This transformation is a positive development for people and the planet. That’s because safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable power has long been a driver of economic growth and rising living standards. As more sustainable, intelligent, and customizable energy solutions become available, economic opportunities and the quality of life will rise for millions.

During this transition, our strategy will be to continue to improve traditional energy technologies, innovate relentlessly to develop new, emerging ones, and develop a digital platform to integrate the entire electricity system on a common, seamless data framework. We know we can’t do it alone — and are working with partners across the globe to develop new technologies and business models in order to create value for our customers and end consumers. We believe that we have the right technologies, platforms, people, and mindset to successfully lead this transition.

Want to read more? Download the abstract of our new whitepaper, or the complete whitepaper “Reimagining Our Electricity Future” and get a deep dive into the electricity transformation that’s going on all around us and learn what the future will bring. 



Download our whitepaper "Reimagining Our Electricity Future"