GE's hybrid power portfolio

Looking across the electricity value network to deliver scalable, customizable and flexible solutions to an ever-changing world.

The electricity industry is undergoing transformation at a scale and pace never experienced. Advances in hybrid energy technology are expanding the possibilities of electricity generation. GE provides wing-to-wing hybrid solutions from upgrading and improving the capabilities of an existing facility, to incorporating hybrid capabilities into a new generation facility or transmission and distribution network.

Why hybrid energy now?

A number of trends are driving the shift to hybrid energy, such as record deployment of intermittent renewable wind and solar PV power resources. Additionally, industries have seen exponential reductions in the cost of batteries for energy storage, as well as the growth of digital power solutions that enable better integration of generation assets and real-time interaction with the grid. Finally, environmental goals that are being implemented by a wider range of countries, cities, communities, and businesses.


How can GE help?

GE has more than 125 years of integrating the latest innovations in electricity generation and delivery and hybrid power technology is no exception. ~1/3 of the electricity generated in the world uses GE equipment. GE’s hybrid energy system portfolio can be customized and scaled for specific customer or system needs.

Depending on the specific needs of a customer, GE can offer the following solutions for a full hybrid power generation system:

  • Hybrid power plant and grid feasibility studies - Determine the specific benefits a hybrid solution can provide
  • Hybrid power plant and equipment design – Customize the plant and equipment design to take full advantage of the hybrid components
  • Wind, hydro and solar forecasting via digital wind, digital hydro and digital solar farms – Evaluate the suitability of different forms of generation at a specific site
  • Hardware and software solutions – Combine the physical and digital to optimize performance 
  • Turnkey construction – Provide a one-stop solution, minimizing interfaces and handoffs
  • Operations and maintenance – Ensure continued high performance of the assets throughout their lifecycle

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