GE’s Distributed Power solutions can help improve the flow of oil and natural gas. Whether you require critical oilfield power generation, gas compression, or mechanical drive applications in harsh, remote environments, you can count on GE’s Waukesha* gas engines for demonstrated durability, reliability, and performance. Delivering a power output of 160 hp to 5,000 hp (100 kW to 3,600 kW), our GE Waukesha engines can run on a wide range of fuels including high-BTU hot fuels, shale gases, and variable quality field gas. With digital transformation at our core, Distributed Power technology from GE Power gives businesses and communities around the world the ability to focus on cleaner power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use, anytime and on or off the grid.

The ability to run under high stress conditions while still having the flexibility to use multiple fuels, makes GE's Waukesha gas engine a proper solution for dependable energy. Our 19,000 Waukesha gas engines were designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical, and demanding applications. Durable and flexible, Waukesha engines meet emissions compliance levels in diverse applications around the globe. And, by offering both rich -and lean-burn Waukesha reciprocating engine designs, we provide a range of products to help you make smart choices for tomorrow.

Customer benefits

  • Combination of advanced GE technology and over 50 years of VHP experience creates a more reliable product with lower total cost of ownership.
  • Fuel and application flexibility allows for more power on-site.
  • EPA certification allows our technology to be used in many applications that historically have been quick start, diesel applications, resulting often in lower costs and emissions.

* Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company.

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Waukesha VGF

For nearly three decades, Waukesha’s VGF* line of engines has consistently performed under extreme conditions in a wide range of both power generation and gas compression applications.

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Waukesha VHP

GE’s Waukesha VHP generator sets are built for efficiency, durability and longevity, and provide reliable power for continuous and intermittent power applications.

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Waukesha mobileFLEX Oilfield Power Portfolio

GE’s Waukesha mobileFLEX gas engine and generator set portfolio with EPA Mobile Certification. The mobileFLEX portfolio is the latest advancement from GE to deliver lower-cost, lower-emission power to drill rigs, artificial lift enhanced oil recovery and oilfield equipment. An all-gas alternative to diesel units, mobileFLEX is an EPA mobile-certified solution that provides a cost advantage to energy producers and operational advantage to drilling contractors by utilizing field gases.

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Waukesha 275GL+

GE’s Waukesha 275GL+ represents the most advanced generation of high-horsepower engines in the gas compression segment. A combination of robust construction and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-burn engine delivers excellence in fuel flexibility, efficiency, power output and emissions for unmatched performance. For maximum uptime and profitability, you can depend on the 275GL+ to get the job done year after year.

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