Introduced in 1976, GE's Jenbacher Type 2 gas engine offers high efficiency power with a robust design. The stationary engine concept provides excellent durability, while enhanced components and a proven control and monitoring model give the Type 2 engine outstanding reliability.

Total Flexibility

Depending on customer needs, the Type 2 can use a variety of gas types to increase efficiency levels and reduce industrial emissions.

Reliability for All Scenarios

The Jenbacher Type 2’s turbocharger bypass is able to compensate for extreme operating conditions.

Complete Efficiency

Enhanced combustion provides maximum efficiency, no matter how it’s being used or what fuel is desired.


With their durability, reliability, and fuel flexibility, Jenbacher Type 2 gas engines have an unmatched worldwide reputation of getting the job done.

-High-performance long-life spark plug for reliable operation.

-Applicable heat sources include engine cooling water, oil, mixture gas, and exhaust gas.

-Applicable gas types include:

  • natural gas

  • associated petroleum gas (flare gas)
  • propane
  • biogas
  • sewage gas
  • landfill gas
  • coal mine gas
  • other special gases (e.g. coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases)


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Product Specifications

Jenbacher Type 2  J208
Electrical Output (kW) 299
Energy Input (kW) 785
NOx  500
Thermal Efficiency 52.10%
Electrical Efficiency 38.10%
Total Efficiency 90.20%
Jenbacher Type 2  J208
Electrical Output (kW) 330
Energy Input (kW) 851
NOx  500
Thermal Efficiency 48.50%
Electrical Efficiency 38.70%
Total Efficiency 87.30%
Jenbacher Type 2 J208
Electrical Output (kW) 335
Energy Input (kW) 900
NOx  500
Thermal Efficiency 47.10%
Electrical Efficiency 37.20%
Total Efficiency 84.30%
Jenbacher Type 2 J208
Electrical Output (kW) 633
Energy Input (kW) 1661
NOx  500
Thermal Efficiency 48.8%
Electrical Efficiency 38.1%
Total Efficiency 86.9%