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GE´s Distributed Power gas engines offer a diverse product portfolio that includes highly efficient, fuel-flexible, industrial gas engines generating 100 kW to 10 MW of power for numerous industries globally.


For more than 80 years, GE has been recognized as a manufacturer in the development and production of gas engines for the efficient generation of power and heat. Our products are highly-developed and tested, and well-matched to each customer’s specific requirements. Essential components necessary for reliable engine operation – such as spark plugs, gas mixer, and engine controls – are developed directly in Jenbach and Waukesha. This allows GE to control the development and construction, system integration, and testing of the complete units.



Jenbacher gas engines give you a power range of 250 kW to 10 MW with fuel flexibility to run either on natural gas or a number of other gases. They furnish onsite power, heat and cooling for a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications – particularly renewable and waste-to-energy, industrial power generation and cogeneration/CHP (combined heat and power), and oilfield power generation. More than 15,500 Jenbacher gas engines are operating in 100-plus countries.

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H-class gas turbine


Waukesha gas engines are designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications. Featuring durable design and unsurpassed flexibility, our rich-burn and lean–burn alternatives cover a wide variety of applications and varying emissions compliance levels. By offering both rich- and lean-burn designs, GE’s Waukesha team provides a range of products to help our customers make smart choices for tomorrow.

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