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GE is the global leader in F-class power plants. With available outputs ranging from 51 MW for a 6F.01 simple cycle plant to more than 1,000 MW for a 3x1 7F.05-based combined-cycle plant, our F-class power plants are the versatile workhorses of the industry.

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Fleet Experience

GE's F-class fleet experience is industry-leading. GE has the world's largest fleet of F-class gas turbines, with more than 1,100 installed units and more than 50 million fired hours in service.


A Global Presence

GE’s F-class power plants are in service in more than 60 countries worldwide. Applications include power generation, combined heat and power, and mechanical drive applications, in industries as diverse as aluminum smelting, refineries, and food processing. GE introduced the F-class power plant to the industry nearly 30 years ago, and since then more than 1,500 installed F-class machines have operated for more than 54 million hours with industry-leading reliability.


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