E-Class Plants in a Size and Configuration to Meet Almost Any Need

Typical applications range from simple-cycle and combined-cycle power generation, to combined heat and power for district heating, to mechanical drives for LNG facilities. Available outputs range from 44 MW for a 6B.03 simple-cycle plant to more than 610 MW for a 2x1 GT13E2 based combined-cycle plant.

Capability to Operate on the Widest Range of Fuels

The hallmark of GE’s E-class of power plants is the ability to reliably burn a wide variety of fuels, including crude oils, highly-refined liquids, steel mill process gases, natural gas, and higher hydrocarbon gases. The combustion systems are capable of operating in single, dual, or tri-fuel configurations.

Longest Maintenance Intervals Without Reduced Performance

E-class units are built to stay online longer, in extreme and remote conditions. Inspected every 32,000 hours for combustion and hot gas inspections, the E-class’s long inspection intervals provide more than two extra days of operation per year.
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