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Modular Power Island

The AdvantEDGE Power Island—a portfolio of proven, engineered, and prefabricated plant modules.

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Proven Portfolio

A significant number of the Power Island elements are supplied as modules to facilitate easy installation by EPC contractors. It's a portfolio of proven, engineered and pre-fabricated plant modules built and tested in state-of-the-art facilities. Through improved quality, EHS, and productivity the benefits of the AdvantEDGE Power Island have been clearly demonstrated in power plants all over the world.  


Advantages and Benefits

The AdvantEDGE Power Island offers:

A reduced lead time, increasing and accelerating customer value

  • Up to 50 percent reduced site work hours (M&E) for the Power Island scope, enabling quicker customer revenue stream
  • Added value through application of OEM best practices and repeatability, ensuring high quality

Simplified design for construction, reducing residual risk for EPCs

  • Pre-engineered, standardized and pre-fabricated modules
  • Less EHS risks through reduced site scope
  • Reduced skilled labor dependency on site

Improved plant performance

  • Enables you to tap the full potential of your plant’s integrated performance capability, including improved operating flexibility
  • Comprehensive performance guarantees that reduce development and financing risks 



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Tools & Resources

Whether you want to optimize your plant or simply get in touch with us, GE offers a wide range of tools that can help.


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