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The Digital Power Plant is Here

  It's GE's vision for the future of power generation. Read more.

Peak-Performing Products for Optimal Power Plant Systems

GE integrates technology, experience, and people to deliver the highest value simple-cycle and combined-cycle power plants anywhere in the world. This value comes from technologies that provide the lowest lifecycle cost of converting fuel into electricity.

More Than 60 Years of Experience

We've been designing combined-cycle power plants since 1949, longer than any other OEM. Gas turbines have evolved from relatively small, simple peaking machines to much larger combined-cycle plants capable of powering a city. GE draws on this rich technology heritage and continues to innovate, developing advanced materials, cooling, aerodynamics, combustion, and controls technologies to enhance gas turbine-based power generation.

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Powering Everyone
Learn How Advanced Analytics and Controls Can Increase Value and Reduce Cost
Digital Twin
Discover the Digital Twin, the analytic engine of the digital power plant
Future of Energy
Read the Future of Energy: Digital for Coal Fired Plants
Seven Ways eBook
Learn the 7 Secrets to Operational Reliability using Asset Performance Management (APM)

Our Customers Power the World

Our customers build and operate the world’s most cost-effective and reliable power plants. It is GE’s mission to provide high-performing power plants that help maintain our customers’ position as world leaders in performance and quality.

9HA Wire Frame

Meeting Diverse Customer Needs and Applications

GE’s comprehensive and integrated plant
approach results in customized power systems that meet a variety of customer needs and applications, including:

  • Industrial and utility scale power
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • District heating
  • Integrated gasification combined cycle
  • Integrated water and power production (IWPP)

Breaking the Plant Down into its Parent Systems

GE’s integrated systems approach includes analysis and development of not only the power generation equipment components but also the balance of plant systems. Performance and cost are measured at both the component and plant level to increase customer value. GE accomplishes this by segmenting the plant into its major systems. At the center of each system are GE’s power generation offerings: gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generators, and controls.

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Plant Configurations 


E-Class Power Plants

Our E-class power plant is rugged and reliable in the most extreme environments.

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F-Class Power Plants

We have the world's largest fleet of F-class power plants.

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Modular Power Island

GE is leading the way with modular design and construction methods.

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TM2500 Mobile Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

GE's "Power Plant on Wheels" can provide power whenever and wherever it's needed, with installation and commissioning in as few as eleven days.

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GE's Power Plant Configurations Portfolio


See it in Action

Learn more how our power plant solutions can provide real-life outcomes.

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Featured Services

GE empowers you with total lifecycle solutions tailored to your desired outcomes. Our advanced technology and service solutions deliver industry-leading value to your products.

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Expert Insights

Hear from our experts on how we create the innovative technology for today’s (and tomorrow’s) power generation needs.

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Christine Cardoso

Customer Fulfillment Lead, Southern US Region

"We have the one goal in mind—to make sure our customers are satisfied."

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John Bartle

Gas Turbine Combustion Product Manager

"It’s part of our mindset to develop new products and services that really have an impact. I work with brilliant people every day that together, make incredible solutions for our customers"

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Nathan Race

F-Class Marketing Program Manager

"At the end of the day, supporting customers comes down to solving problems and trying to make them more competitive and more profitable over time."

Meet Nathan