Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) provides the thermodynamic link between the gas turbines and steam turbines in a combined-cycle power plant. Each HRSG solution is custom-engineered to meet your desired operating flexibility and performance requirements. With more than 750 HRSGs installed worldwide, GE is a world leader in supplying HRSGs behind all major OEM’s gas turbines.

HRSG at Keppel power plant, Singapore

Designed for Your Needs

GE’s HRSG units are cost-effectively designed for heavy cycling operations that allow owners to reduce the cost of electricity, boost performance, increase reliability, and enhance flexibility. Numerous options are available, such as supplementary firing, SCR for NOx abatement, CO catalyst for emissions reduction, and exhaust gas bypass systems for simple-cycle gas turbine operation in a combined-cycle installation.


Optimized for Cycling and Constructability (OCC*)

Our OCC approach alleviates thermal expansion issues associated with start-stop operating regimes (hot restarts and daily load following). The stepped arrangement—from the manifold, to a link, to a header, and finally to the finned tubes—reduces thermal stress by as much as 60 percent compared to the industry standard approach. With this superior capability for cyclic operations, you benefit from lower maintenance costs and increased life cycle.


Types of HRSGs


Horizontal Drum Units

Horizontal drum HRSG units are the most popular type of steam generator. The flow of gas is horizontal while the water is heated in vertically-arranged evaporator tubes, producing a natural, cost-effective circulation effect. With decades of OEM experience, cutting-edge research and development, and extensive field service experience, we are a global leader in the horizontal HRSG segment.

Vertical drum unit

Vertical Drum Units

With vertical gas flows across horizontal evaporator tubes, this drum-type HRSG is ideal when site space is at a premium, for example, in add-on applications. We offer vertical drum HRSG solutions for both gas and oil operations, which are particularly well-suited for heavy fuel oil applications.


Horizontal Once-Through Units

The horizontal once-through HRSG employs the same basic arrangement as the standard horizontal HRSG, but eliminates the high-pressure drum. This results in greater thermal flexibility, high efficiency, and the ability to support unlimited daily cycling.

Your Choice of Delivery Methods

An array of modular construction options is available so you can choose which one fits your specific project site infrastructure, transportation, and labor cost restrictions.

Harp Bundle
For sites with:
• Transportation restrictions
• Large crane scarcity
• Low site labor costs

For sites with:
• Fewer transportation restrictions
• Large crane availability

For sites with:
• Unrestricted transportation
• Large crane availability

Fully Assembled
For sites with:
• Unrestricted crane and transportation availability
• High site labor costs

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