Our GIGATOP 4-pole generator, based on Alstom technology, has 90 units in operation worldwide with 40 years of reliable experience. Running at 1,550 MW at nuclear power plants in France, the GIGATOP 4-pole generator is also the world’s most powerful generator in construction (1,755 MW).

Robust, reliable and powerful design

We make the stator winding cooling tubes from stainless steel instead of copper, so there is no risk of corrosion and clogging from copper oxides.

Efficient and flexible

Our GIGATOP 4-pole generator boasts a cooling system that sustains a high level of efficiency.

Easy maintenance

The GIGATOP 4-pole has easily accessible inner parts.

Product Specifications

Generator Pole Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power Factor

0.85 to 0.9

Apparent Power 1,280 MVA to 2,235 MVA 950 to 2,000 MVA
Efficiency Up to 99% Up to 99%
Terminal Voltage 24 kV to 27 kV 22 kV to 26 kV
Reliability1 99.2%