The hydrogen- and water-cooled GIGATOP 2-pole generator is used for coal power plants, nuclear full speed turbines, and can be found in 100 systems worldwide.

Efficient and flexible

The cooling system sustains a high level of efficiency. Its unique press plate design provides higher reactive power and stabilization in case of grid disturbance.

Robust and reliable design

One GIGATOP unit in the U.S. boasted 607 days of uninterrupted operation before a scheduled shutdown.

Continuously evolving technology

The first GIGATOP 2-pole generator was developed in the 1970s and has improved continuously ever since, based on operating experience feedback.

Product Specifications

Generator Pole Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power Factor

0.8 to 0.9


Apparent Power 590 MVA to 1,400 MVA 510 to 1,120 MVA
Efficiency Up to 99% Up to 98.9%
Terminal Voltage 18 kV to 27 kV 22 kV to 26 kV
Reliability1 99.996%