Power whenever and wherever it's needed 

Get the power you need any time with GE's TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set - it is like a power plant on wheels.

Fast, Reliable, and Flexible Power

With installation and commissioning in as few as 11 days, a TM2500 can help you respond quickly to emergency situations—or help generate back up power during natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns or grid instability. Getting a power project online faster means extra days of revenue—and with easy plug & play installation, it’s virtually worry-free. Use the TM2500 to bridge the power gap for short- and long-term energy planning, stabilize the grid, or reach and power remote locations.

Not only do you get fast power, you get reliable power with TM2500. Whether it’s more homes seeing their lights come on after an outage, or your organization quickly connecting to the grid and generating more money, the power of the TM2500 lies in its ability to get online—and stay online.


34-37 MW

of power potential on wheels.


Power now

~11 days from parking the first trailer to commissioning.


High efficiency

37% efficiency—higher than most grids.


Scalable power

Able to add 34-37 MW blocks of power as demand increases.


Fuel flexibility

Can operate on gas and/or distillate liquid fuel.


Fast start

10 minutes to ramp up to full power.


Project experience

More than a decade of experience in providing emergency power.


Financing options

GE can facilitate and potentially make financing available.



Can be transported via land, sea or air to remote locations and redeployed to other sites.


Proven technology

More than 300 units deployed with over 5 million operating hours of experience.

TM2500 Product Specifications

The TM2500 is packaged on a two-trailer system with steerable axles to minimize individual trailer weight and improve maneuverability, making the TM2500 easily transportable by ship, air, or road—even to the most remote locations around the globe.

34-37 MW


13.8 KV


3600 rpm






27.7 m x 8.2 m
(91 ft x 27 ft)



TM2500 Efficiency and Heat Rates

Model Output (MW) Heat Rate Btu/kWh, LHV Heat Rate kJ/kW-hr, LHV Efficiency, LHV
 TM2500 (50Hz) 33.6 9,794 10,333 34.8%
 TM2500 (60Hz) 35.9 9,330 9,844 36.6%

NOTE: Performance calculated at ISO conditions.

A Continuous Evolution

A lot of things have changed since we put the first TM2500 to work. But one thing hasn’t—the priority we place on easy maintenance, quick installation, and modular parts. Take a look at the evolution of the TM2500.


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TM2500 Case Studies

Algeria—Sustaining power throughout the hot summer months

Algeria has faced a drastic need for more power, particularly during the hot summer months. Over the last three years, SPE, the power generation subsidiary of Sonelgaz, has partnered with GE and Power Projects Company (an affiliate of METKA) on contracts providing 38 trailer-mounted TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine generators and associated Balance of Plant to provide reliable and fast power to all regions in Algeria. The first contract in 2012 supplied 6 TM2500+ units and a second contract provided an additional 24 TM2500+ units—the largest order GE has ever received for its TM2500 technology. More units were contracted or sold in late 2013.


The TM2500+ gas turbines produce more than 760 megawatts of power, and were commissioned, delivered and operational in time to meet the 2013 and 2014 summer peak electricity demand. It was a challenging project but the GE team’s commitment took a massive project from four months to four weeks.

Mexico—Bringing power back to Baja

Hurricane Odile hit Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in September 2014, and was one of the most destructive storms in the country’s history. Odile caused mudslides, flooding, and damaged 100,000 utility poles—leaving the entire peninsula without power.


But with the help of four TM2500s, GE was able to work together with Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to get emergency power up and running in less than two weeks. On October 1, just two days after the contract was signed, GE began shipping the TM2500s to Mexico’s San Jose del Cabo Airport. On October 15, the first TM2500 mobile gas turbine was up and running, helping the CFE restore power to full capacity for the thousands of people impacted by the hurricane.

Ecuador—Fast-tracking power after drought

In 2009, Ecuador experienced its worst drought in 40 years. Coupled with the country’s dependence on hydropower generation, the drought set off a chain reaction, resulting in 30% of the country’s thermal power plants becoming non-operational, and daily power cuts in the country—up to five hours per day at their height in November.


Ecuador had to act fast. After the country signed a contract with GE in November (fewer than 24 hours after they had contacted GE) things moved quickly. With the help of seven TM2500 gas turbines, the country was able to commission 160MW of power in just 12 weeks. The first TM2500 brought Ecuadorian lights on by Christmas, and power cuts ended in January.

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