Reliable power designed from the world’s most powerful aircraft engine

Experience the full power of GE— a 67-75 MW power plant derived from the GE-90 aircraft engine, the most powerful commercial flight engine in the world. Proven in the skies and ready to provide reliable power to suit your needs.

Reliable, Adaptable Power

Introducing the new LM9000 –a 67-75MW, 42% simple cycle efficiency Aeroderivative Gas Turbine, derived from the proven GE90 jet engine fitted on the Boeing 777. An aeroderivative core provides a stable platform that can be throttled to adjust power output, start/stop without impacting maintenance intervals and provide easy maintenance when required. Easily adapting to your specific power requirements, It provides power in under 10 mins.

The LM9000 is an ideal solution to support grids with growing renewable sources, power your industrial needs, provide peaking power for hot days or give a reliable baseload to your isolated power island. It’s a new development for the power industry but provides the peace of mind of a proven performer – with 2,060 engines in the aviation fleet and 45+ million operating hours on planes.


67-75 MW

Of power depending on your needs.



Switch between gas and liquid fuel while at full load.



Up to 36k hours hot-section interval and 72k hours overhaul.


Fast start

Full power output in less than 10 mins.


Fuel Variety

Can operate on gas and/or liquid fuel.


Conserve Resources

Achieve 66 MW of power without water augmentation.



Meet 15 ppm NOx without water.



Free power turbine means no gearbox for 50 or 60 Hz.


Quick Install

Less than 70 days from delivery to commissioning.


Proven DLE Design

17.8 millions hours on the LM2500
11.9 million hours on the LM6000

LM9000 Product Specifications

The LM9000 is available in two configurations for peaking or baseload power needs.

67-75 MW

Power Range




Combustion Tech

3600 or 3000 rpm

Turbine Speed

38.6m x 11.5m

Power density

25k – 36k hours

Hot section repair interval

50k – 72k hours

Overhaul interval

15 – 25 ppm

NOx Emissions

10 mins

Start time

Product Feature GT Gross Power (MW) Efficiency,
Heat Rate, LHV – BTU/kW-h Gas Fuel
Emissions NOx / CO
Hot section
repair interval
Overhaul interval

Dry Low Emissions

66 MW



25 ppm / 25 ppm

25,000 Hrs

50,000 Hrs

Water Augmented

75 MW



25 ppm / 25 ppm

25,000 Hrs

50,000 Hrs

Learn More about the LM9000 Heritage

Derived from GE Aviation’s GE90-115B engine, the LM9000 is a product of GE’s culture of partnership and co-creation. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the "GE Store," through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. The LM9000 is a great example of innovations from the GE Store with the joint efforts of Baker Hughes, a GE company, GE Aviation, GE Power and GE Digital.

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