US - Texas

Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 2
Number of units: 4
Combined operating hours: 101,549
Combined starts: 519

US - New Jersey

Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 1
Combined operating hours:19,490
Combined starts: 85

US - Massachusetts

Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 1
Combined operating hours: 2,167
Combined starts: 150

US - Tennessee

Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 2
Combined operating hours: 30,323
Combined starts: 310

US - Pennsylvania

Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 4
Number of units: 8
Combined operating hours: 109,677
Combined starts: 662

US - Connecticut

Technology used: 7HA.01
Plants COD: 2
Number of units: 3
Combined operating hours: 45,835
Combined starts: 396


Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 3
Combined operating hours: 30,373
Combined starts: 472



Technology used: 9HA.01
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 1
Combined operating hours: 25,578
Combined starts: 392


Technology used: 9HA.01 CHP
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 1
Combined operating hours: 26,291
Combined starts: 120



Technology used: 9HA.01
Plants COD: 3
Number of units: 6
Combined operating hours: 115,514
Combined starts: 943



Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 2
Combined operating hours: 14,051
Combined starts: 496


Technology used: 9HA.01
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 3
Combined operating hours: 35,205
Combined starts: 229


Technology used: 7HA.02
Plants COD: 1
Number of units: 1
Combined operating hours: 19,252
Combined starts: 123


Technology used: 7HA.01, 9HA.01
Plants COD: 4
Number of units: 8
Combined operating hours: 170,593
Combined starts: 704

First Class in H-Class

Our power generation experience is filled with industry firsts and impressive milestones, culminating in the 2014 introduction of the highly efficient HA gas turbine. Other OEMs have followed suit, but none can offer the outstanding performance, reliability, efficiency, and expertise of GE H-class gas turbine. Our engineers were the first to leverage new gas turbine technology and achieve 62.22% combined-cycle net efficiency (at EDF Bouchain in 2016 with a 9HA.01) and 63.08% combined-cycle gross efficiency (at Chubu’s Nishi Nagoya in 2018 with a 7HA.01), and 65% efficiency is on our horizon. Advanced gas turbine materials and coating as well as evolving combustor technology are putting our H-class turbines ahead of the curve with the industry’s lowest gas turbine levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), building on our heritage of continuous improvement and innovation.

For more information on the advantages of H-class gas turbines, contact our team, or browse our related power plants and HA turbine products & news below

White paper: HA ignites new era of power generation

Read about the journey of the world’s more efficient gas turbine – from validation testing to 175,000+ operating hours.

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Top Gas Plant: Chubu’s Nishi Nagoya

Chubu’s Nishi Nagoya plant was recognized by POWER Magazine for securing the world record for most efficient combined cycle performance (63.08%) & providing reliable, inexpensive power supply to industries in central Japan.

Full article  

Top Gas Plant: TVA’s Allen Combined Cycle Plant

Tennessee Valley Authority’s Allen Combined Cycle Plant was selected as a winner for POWER Magazine’s “Top Gas Projects” for 2018 for being the most efficient gas-fired facility in TVA’s fleet and for EPC firm Kiewit’s work to deliver the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Can GE's gas turbines – including the HA - run on hydrogen fuel?

Yes! Join our webinar on May 22 and 23 to find out more from our industry expert Jeffrey Goldmeer.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide: GE Power Supplying Equipment For 620 MW Power Plant

GE Power announced an order for its 7HA.02 gas turbine and other equipment for the 620 MW Hill Top Energy Center Pennsylvania.

Power Technology: GE Power Secures Contract from Israel Electric Corporation

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), the largest generator and supplier of electricity in Israel, has awarded a contract for the Orot Rabin modernization project to GE, which will include an order for a 9HA.01 heavy duty gas turbine.

HEPCO’s Ishikariwan-Shinko Power Plant Achieves Commercial Operation Powered by GE’s HA Gas Turbine

The plant is HEPCO’s first LNG-fueled thermal power plant, and combines GE’s highly efficient gas turbine with Toshiba’s most advanced steam turbine to achieve leading performance.

London Calling: This British Power Plant Will Be Reborn As A Lean, Mean Electricity Generating Machine

With our launch customer Uniper, we’ve introduced the GT26 High Efficiency (HE) upgrade, The world’s 1st high-efficiency upgrade for the GT26 fleet and the most advanced solution we’ve ever introduced on a GT26 gas turbine.

The Next Chapter Of The Gas Power Industry With Martin O'Neill

The High Efficiency (HE) upgrade for the GT26 is delivering the largest efficiency improvement in the F-class GE portfolio. Martin O’Neill, Product Management leader, tell us what it means for GE but also for the gas power market and GT26 users.

Summit signs 22-year PPA for upcoming 583 MW gas power plant; GE to co-develop plant in Bangladesh

Summit and GE Power announced they will proceed with the co-development of Summit Meghnaghat II, a 583 MW combined cycle gas power plant utilizing HA technology in Bangladesh.

POWER Magazine: GE’s HA Gas Turbine Technology Ordered for the Long Ridge Energy Project in Ohio

GE will provide one 7HA.02 gas turbine as well as a GE steam turbine and generator, heat recovery generator, and a multi-year services agreement.

Taiwan Power Company Provides Notice of Award to GE for Four HA Gas Turbines for DaTan 8&9 Project

GE will provide four 7HA gas turbines for a full turnkey project scope for a consortium inclusive of GE and EPC partner Marubeni.

A Quarter Million Operating Hours, Powering Millions

Chuck Nugent shares a significant milestone for the HA: reaching 250,000 hours of operation.

GE & Sumitomo Sign Agreement with SEWA to Develop, Build & Operate Sharjah’s First Independent Combined Cycle Power Plant

The facility will be equipped with three of GE’s HA turbines - the world’s largest, most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine – as well as GE steam turbines, generators & HRSGs and generate up to 1.8 GW.

Meet the Makers: Repair technologies with Jake Salm

A gas turbines have extremely high firing temperature, and that means they are made out of nickel-based super alloys. Repairing these extreme materials requires the most advanced tools, technologies, and processes. Jake Salm takes you inside GE's repair development center.

Meet the Makers: Servicing the HA fleet with Steve Hartman

Our job doesn't end once the HA power plant is installed. Steve Hartman, VP of technology for Power Services, explains how our Services team maintains the units to ensure reliability, availability, and performance for our customers.

POWER Magazine: ‘Technically Sophisticated’ Combined Cycle Plant Comes Online

“I think it was pretty remarkable how the Invenergy team and our partners, Kiewit [which build the plant] and GE, did this project, I would say flawlessly,” said Michael Polsky, Invenergy’s founder and CEO, of this new HA plant.

Meet the Makers: HA’s simple installation with Otman Dinari

Otman Dinari, North America Project Leader, explains how our most advanced gas turbine technology, the HA, was designed to be easier to install. Listen in as he shares how his team focus' on customer needs while bringing HA power plants to commercial operation.

Meet the Makers: Tailoring HA plant solutions with Amy Wallace

When a customer is considering an HA power plant, it's not quite as simple as adding it to your shopping cart. Our team of experts carefully analyse the customer's desired outcomes and tailor the plant solution to those needs. See how our team works together to do this with Amy Wallace.

Meet the Makers: Validation testing with Ashley Meenaghan

When testing our HA gas turbines, a team of engineers are capturing performance and validate our technology and designs by looking at pressure, temperature, vibrations, and so much more. Hear from Lead Testing Engineer Ashley Meenaghan.

Meet the Makers: Gary Wiesner

Starting from the validation testing stage all the way through to the production of over 30 full HA gas turbines, Gary has overseen it all. Let him take you to the manufacturing floor for a look at how these massive machines are made.

Meet the Makers: Brendan Sexton

What does it take to develop four of the world’s most efficient gas turbines in 8 years? Brendan explains.

Scott Strazik: Powering to a Cleaner Energy Future with Gas

“I had a great opportunity this week to talk to attendees at POWER-GEN International about a variety of topics that we’re all thinking about…”

Powering Forward: GE Inks 2 Deals For Its Record-Breaking Gas Turbines

The company announced it will work with Tampa Electric (TECO) on a major modernization project at TECO’s Big Bend Power Station, and Chiahui Corporation will also rely on the industry’s most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine, the 7HA.02, to increase the generation potential of its power plant in Taiwan.

GE Announces Two HA Orders and Continued Gas Power Fleet Momentum

Orders for leading HA gas turbine booked in the third quarter in Florida and Taiwan, HA has achieved more than 220,000 operating hours in the field, and customers Invenergy and Bahrain Aluminum’s HA-power plants successfully first fired.

Meet the Makers: Chris Corron

Meet Chris Corron, 7HA.02 Product Manager at GE Power's Gas Power Systems, who explains why the HA technology was developed - and customers play the central role.

GE Power: HA Turbines Here To Stay

“It’s absolutely still the case that it’s the crown jewel of our product portfolio…And it’s key to the future of energy,” said Guy DeLeonardo.

Meet the Makers: John Lammas

Meet John Lammas, VP of Technology for GE Power's Gas Power Systems, who has been behind the HA from the start.

GE Announces New Leadership in Power Reorganization

Scott Strazik, current President of Power Services, has been named the Chief Executive Officer of GE Gas Power business, and John Rice, retired GE Vice Chairman, will return to GE to serve as the Chairman of the GE Gas Power business.

Supercharge Me: Bangladesh Taps GE Tech To Power Decade-Long Economic Growth

It’s hard to understate the impact reliable, universal access to power has, especially in countries like Bangladesh. GE is a major player in the country’s “Power to All” objective.

Russell Stokes: A Commitment to the People and Government of Iraq

“The Principles of Cooperation we have announced with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity aim to add up to 14 GW of power and enable an annual savings of up to $3 billion.”

POWER Magazine: Coal-to-Gas Power Shift Driven by Economics

TVA’s Allen Combined Cycle Plant was recognized as a Top Gas Plant for 2018. TVA created the most-efficient combined cycle plant in its fleet of natural gas units.

POWER Magazine: Another World Record for Combined Cycle Efficiency

Chubu’s Nishi Nagoya Power Plant was recognized as a Top Gas Plant for 2018. It’s the holder of a world record, thanks to a GE Power gas turbine that again has set the global standard for performance.

Two HA Gas Turbine Plants Selected by POWER Magazine as “Top Gas Projects” for 2018

Chubu Electric's Nishi Nagoya power plant and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)'s Allen Combined Cycle power plant featured in October issue.

GE Power Wins Order to Develop HA Powered Plant in Bangladesh

GE Power was selected by Unique Group to develop the 600 megawatt natural gas based combined cycle power plant featuring a 9HA gas turbine.

Read Chuck Nugent and Scott Strazik’s thoughts on our high-efficiency gas turbines

“While we always do our best to avoid technical issues like this, there’s no question that product adjustments are often part of developing complex technologies like our gas turbines.”

Advanced Power Selects GE’s Industry Leading HA Gas Turbine Technology for South Field Energy in Wellsville, Ohio

This 1,182 MW natural gas power plant will be powered by two of GE’s industry leading 7HA.02 gas turbines.

Making The Best Turbines Is Hard Enough. At GE, We Never Stop Making Them Better

In this blog, GE Power CEO Russell Stokes explains how the process of making better power plants doesn’t end when our technology leaves our factories.

Powering Pakistan

GE’s Mohamad Ali talks about the impact three advanced HA power plants now in commercial operation have on the people of Pakistan.

The Nation: Balloki power plant ready to yield 1223 MW

Balloki is the third RLNG project equipped with GE’s HA technology to reach completion in Pakistan, following the Haveli Bahadur Shah and Bhikki power plants.

Diesel & Gas Turbine: CHP Plant Achieves Commercial Operation

Anyang CHP is GE’s first HA gas turbine delivered to and commercially operated in Korea.

The Daily Star: GE Flying High in Bangladesh

GE has an installed base of 37 gas turbines that generate about 2,200MW of electricity in Bangladesh, with another seven gas turbines in the pipeline.

The Financial Express: GE Offers Most Cost-effective Technology for Power Generation

General Electric [GE] has made the world's fastest-growing fleet of gas turbines, officials of the US energy giant said.

The Financial Express: Bangladesh a Big Market for GE

GE technologies have prospects in Bangladesh from versatile 6Bs (44MW in simple cycle) to mobile power plants like TM2500 (32MW at 30°C hot day performance).

CPV’s Towantic Energy Center Achieves Commercial Operation

This 805MW combined-cycle plant can provide the equivalent power needed to supply 800k+ US homes while adding significant reliability benefits to the region.

GE Power Announces New HA Gas Turbine Milestones and Services Upgrades

HA is the Fastest Growing Fleet of Gas Turbines in the World with 76 Units Ordered by 25+ Customers across 15+ Countries—26th Unit Entering Commercial Operation.

Progress at Porto de Sergipe

Three 7HA.02 turbines & 3 generators arrived at the Sergipe port on June 1.

Power Magazine: GE Power Announces New Achievements by HA Gas Turbine and Services Upgrades

GE Power announced a growing list of accomplishments by its industry-leading HA gas turbine—including the 26th HA in commercial operation at CPV’s Towantic Energy Center.

The Nation: 1,180MW Bhikki plant starts full power generation

The facility is now adding up to 1,180 megawatts of power to Pakistan’s national grid - the equivalent power needed to supply up to 2.4 million Pakistani homes.

Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant Complete, Starts Combined Cycle Commercial Operations to Add Up To 1,230 MW of Power Before Ramadan

The NPPMCL project is among the largest gas-fired combined cycle plants in the country, capable of supplying the equivalent power needed to meet the electricity needs of up to 2.5 million Pakistani homes

Exelon Generation on Twitter

Exelon recently tweeted about the 7HA gas turbines that power their Wolf Hollow II facility. See what they had to say!

TVA’s Allen Natural Gas Plant Goes Commercial

The newest HA power plant in the U.S. is now in commercial operation in Memphis, Tennessee.

GE's Advanced Compressor Graduates with Distinction

GE recently surpassed 500,000 hours in operation reliably with the compressor used in our fleet of F- and H-class gas turbines, known as the Advanced Compressor.

Combined Cycle Journal: Wolf Hollow offers early glimpse into H-machine performance

Two of the biggest, bad-ass gas turbines currently operating in the US are proceeding through their paces at Exelon Generation’s Wolf Hollow facility.

Pakistan’s 1.23GW Haveli Bahadur Shah power plant inches towards completion

The HA power plant in Jhang, Pakistan is nearing completion after undergoing a successful Reliability Run Test.

Power Engineering: GE-Powered Plant Awarded World Record Efficiency by Guinness

Guinness World Records has named the Chubu Electric Nishi-Nagoya power plant Block-1 in Japan the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant.

Breaking the Power Plant Efficiency Record….Again!

Chubu Electric Nishi-Nagoya power plant Block-1 – powered by GE’s 7HA gas turbine – has been recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the world’s Most efficient combined-cycle power plant, based on achieving 63.08% efficiency.

Power Magazine: GE HA Turbine Snags Another World Record for CCGT Efficiency

GE’s HA turbine has been recognized for powering the world’s most efficient power plants in both the 50hz and 60hz energy segments.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide: A Record For Plant Efficiency

63.08% gross efficiency has been reached at Chubu Electric Nishi-Nagoya power plant Block-1 in Japan.

GE signs service agreement for new HA plant in Malaysia

GE will provide services through 21-year agreement for the first two GE 9HA.02 gas turbines to be installed in the country.

Gas Power Systems welcomes new leadership

GE Power has recently announced two new key leaders for Gas Power Systems: Chuck Nugent, Chief Executive Officer & President, and Frederic Ribieras, Commercial Development Officer.

Jakarta Post: GE, Samsung granted US$900m contract for Java 1 plant

Featuring two 9HA.02 turbines, this will be the largest combined-cycle gas plant in Indonesia when completed.

I’m excited about the future of the HA

Now as Power Services President & CEO, Scott Strazik explains why it’s exciting to see his team working with customers around the world over the lifecycle of these turbines to ensure they run efficiently.

In a dynamic environment, GE #1 for HA and all GTs >30 MW in 2017

McCoy results are in! Jatila Ranasinghe explains why we’re proud of what we accomplished together with our customers last year.

GE’s HA gas turbine packaging reimagined = 10,000 fewer hours to install

GE’s Jatila Ranasinghe gives you a look inside the HA’s modular enclosure and how it reduces installation time by 10,000 hours while reducing cost and improving serviceability.

31 Days of HA

Throughout the month of January, we’ve been sharing the best of the best HA stories and factoids. Did you miss one?

Diesel & Gas Turbine World Wide: Exacting efficiency

GE approaches turbine efficiency improvements with science, economics

HA Achieves 55,000+ Operating Hours, 64% Efficiency

Plus more fleet milestones including 20 units COD across 6 countries

Exceeding Already High Expectations

GE’s Gas Power Systems Global Product Line Leader Jatila Ranasinghe reveals how our commercial HA units are performing in the field. The short answer: Exceeding expectations.

CPV Fairview Energy Center Breaks Ground

When complete, this new facility in Pennsylvania will generate 1,050 MW of electricity from HA turbines powered by natural gas and ethane.

7HA Gas Turbine Units Achieve Commercial Operation at Nishi-Nagoya Power Plant Block-1 in Japan

Nishi-Nagoya Block-1 will provide more than 1,188 megawatts of power to the grid with over 62% world-leading thermal efficiency, enough equivalent electricity to supply approximately 400,000 average homes in Japan.

Strange cargo

Why would you move an 8 million-pound heat recovery steam generator down the Hudson? And how?

Cooking with gas

GE’s record-breaking turbines prove their mettle with more than 30,000 operating hours

GE #1 in 2Q’17 and 1H’17

GE’s Gas Power Systems Sales Leader Scott Strazik fills you in on 2Q results, including the latest on the HA.

The power of Tequila: GE’S first HA power plant in Mexico

The Tierra Mojada power plant will have two HA-class turbines as well as GE’s steam engines, generators and heat-recovery steam generators.

Not one, but two! Mexico’s first HA plants

The energy demand in Mexico has grown by 25% since 2000, spurring the order of two HA power plants in the first half of 2017.

Bhikki: powering Pakistan, fueling progress

GE is proud to support Pakistan’s Vision 2025 with three HA power plants.

Breaking the power plant efficiency record: GE & EDF unveil a game-changer at Bouchain

With a combined-cycle efficiency of 62.22% net efficiency, this 9HA plant takes the record.


7HA.01/.02/.03 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

GE’s 7HA high efficiency, air cooled gas turbine is an industry leader among H-class offerings and is available in three models—the 7HA.01 at 290 MW, the 7HA.02 at 384 MW, and the 7HA.03 at 430 MW.

See product page 

9HA.01/02 HDGT

9HA.01/.02 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

The 9HA high efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine is an industry leader among H-class offerings, and now the 9HA.01 is at the heart of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant.

See product page 

9HA Power Plants

Tambak Lorok Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 3



Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia






Mid-2020 (Expected)



9HA.02 gas turbine D60 steam turbine HRSG


“The Tambak Lorok Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 3 will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than five million Indonesian homes.”


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world, and the densely-occupied Island of Java is home to more than 140 million people. An ever-increasing population has pushed Indonesia's power demands to new heights, forcing the islands to redefine the way power is generated, delivered, and maintained. Because of Java's land restrictions, power plants must have a small footprint and generate the most output per land surface. Energy efficiency is also key, as gas prices tend to be high in South Asia.


Indonesia Power (IP), a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Perusahan Listrik Negara (PLN), is constructing Block 3 of the Tambak Lorok Combined Cycle Power Plant in Java's north coast City of Semarang. GE's record-setting 9HA gas turbine technology will be at the heart of the new 780 MW facility, providing the flexibility and efficiency needed to complement Java's growing population. The full turnkey solution will pack a lot of punch in a small footprint and offer IP unmatched performance to drive the best economics over the plant's lifetime. ''

7HA Power Plants

Porto de sergipe Combined Cycle Power Plant



Barra dos Coqueiros, Brazil






Late 2019



3 7HA.02 gas turbines
1 steam turbine
4 generators


“When completed, this will be the largest natural gas power plant in Latin America.”


Brazil is all about affordable, reliable, clean energy solutions. In fact, 83 percent of the country's domestically produced power is being supplied by renewable sources. Renewable energy is exponentially beneficial, but even carbonconscious governments must diversify their energy mix. With large generating capacity and high efficiency as requirements, Centrais EIE!tricas de Sergipe S.A. (CELSE) is setting out to transform the way fossil fuel-fired power plants deliver electricity in Brazil.


GE is delivering a 1.5 GW, full turnkey natural gas-fired plant with digital solutions that will account for an estimated 15 percent of Northeast energy demand in Brazil. The plant will feature three of GE's world-record setting HA gas turbines and deliver efficiency greater than 62 percent. 7HA technology is flexible and will complement Brazil's intermittent renewable energy resources by delivering full power to the grid in less than 30 minutes.

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