GE’s GT13E2 gas turbine offers industry-leading efficiency in the E-class segment.It delivers power and performance while offering a flexible extended maintenance concept that reduces operating costs while saving fuel.


More Than 38% Efficiency in Simple-Cycle

The GT13E2 2012 delivers 38 percent simple-cycle efficiency and more than 55 percent combined-cycle efficiency.

High Fuel Flexibility

Superior fuel versatility enables a wide range of fuel compositions without hardware changes and best-in-class Wobbe Index and C2+ tolerance.

Two Operating Profiles

Switch online between two operating modes—one optimizing performance, the other substantially extending standard inspection intervals. This unique capability offers the potential for financial savings by allowing you to react quickly to fluctuating power demands, while keeping costs in line.
GT13E2 gas turbine

GT13E2 Gas Turbine(50 Hz)

Both models of the GT13E2 gas turbine, the GT13E2 2005 and GT13E2 2012, have the versatility to fit nearly every possible power plant configuration. Through upgrades to every major performance area, the GT13E2 is yet again setting higher performance standards for E-class gas turbines.

-Performance proven over more than 10 million fired hours
-Achieved a five-year availability, reliability and maintenance rating far exceeding class averages, with reliability reaching 99.1%
-150 units in commercial operation in 34 countries
-Recognized as the world’s most reliable gas turbine in its class*
-First gas turbine offering a flexible online switchable operation concept
-As much as 40% lower emissions  across the entire load range and fuel types, reaching 15 vppm at 100% load on gas and 25 vppm on oil.

*According to Operational Reliability Analysis Programme (OPAP) 

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Product Specifications

GT13E2 2012
SC Net Heat Rate (Btu/kWh, LHV) 8980
SC NetHeat Rate (kJ/kWh, LHV) 9474
SC Net Efficiency (%, LHV) 38%
GT13E2 2012
CC Net Output (MW) 305
CC Net Heat Rate (Btu/kWh, LHV) 6189
CC Net Heat Rate (kJ/kWh, LHV) 6530
CC Net Efficiency (%, LHV) 55.1%
Plant Turn-down - Minimum load  (%)  39%
Ramp Rate - (MW/minute) 14
Startup Time (RR Hot, minutes) 30
GT13E2 2012
CC Net Output (MW) 613
CC Net Heat Rate (Btu/kWh, LHV) 6153
CC Net Heat Rate (kJ/kWh, LHV) 6492
CC Net Efficiency (%, LHV) 55.5%
Plant Turndown - Minimum load  (%)  19%
Ramp Rate - (MW/minute) 28
Startup Time (RR Hot, minutes) 30
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