The 9HA high efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine is an industry leader among H-class offerings, and now the 9HA.01 is at the heart of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant. With two available models—the 9HA.01 at 446 MW and the 9HA.02 at 557 MW—customers can easily select the right capacity to meet their generation needs.

Industry-Leading Operational Flexibility

Features a fast 12-minute ramp-up from start command to full load, and up to 70 MW/minute ramping capability in a 1x1 configuration or 140 MW/minute in a 2x1 configuration.

Less Complex H-Class Offering

Showcases a simpler configuration than GE’s previous H-class fleet and doesn’t require a separate cooling air system.

Validated and Proven

The 9HA has undergone a full-speed, full-load validation test at our Greenville, SC facility in 2015 and exceeded engineering performance expectations.