The next evolution of the HA platform

GE’s 7HA.03 heavy-duty gas turbine is the world’s largest, most efficient, flexible 60 Hz gas turbine with the lowest cost conversion of gas to electricity today. Its >64% net combined cycle efficiency is higher than any other competing technology today, and its industry-leading flexibility allows full combined cycle plant load in less than 30 minutes, making it a great complement to intermittent renewable energy sources. This evolution of our 7HA.02 turbine is based on proven HA architecture, representing almost three decades of H-Class technology experience. HA power plants have supplied more than 18 GW of power around the world—the equivalent electricity needed to power more than 13.5 million US homes.

Key performance specifications  
Simple cycle output 430 MW
Combined cycle output 1x1 640 MW
Combined cycle output 2x1 1282 MW


Product features


Largest, most efficient, lowest LCOE

The 7HA.03 is the highest capacity 60 Hz gas turbine with 430 MW simple cycle output (640 MW [1x1 CC] and 1282 MW [2x1 CC]) – 134 MW greater than GE’s 7HA.02 in a 2x1 combined cycle configuration. It has unmatched efficiency available at >64% net combined cycle operation, higher than any competing gas turbine technology today.

The 7HA.03 also provides cost benefits—over its lifecycle, total cost of ownership is 5% lower than F-Class turbines. Its simplified engineering, lower fuel cost from its industry-leading efficiency, extended maintenance intervals, and reduced maintenance cost work together to create an H-Class technology option with the lowest cost conversion of gas to electricity for 60 Hz customers.

Latest technology, simplified systems

The 7HA.03 turbine uses advanced gas turbine materials, coating and cooling features to improve output, efficiency and flexibility. Our HA turbine technology utilizes simple self-contained cooling architecture for more reliable operation.

With its modular packaging configuration, we shorten the critical path installation cycle up to 8 weeks, compared to F-Class, reduced labor hours by 13,000, and improvements such as 98% reduction in field-installed valves, 55% reduction in turbine field welds, 64% reduction in electrical termination, and 63% reduction in field connections.

GEA34372 7HA2
7HA.03 4 Halved

Fuel flexibility

The natural gas market is evolving, and customers have greater optionality to source their natural gas, especially LNG. The Modified Wobbe Index (MWI) is a calculated measurement of volumetric energy content of fuel and the 7HA.03 can accommodate a MWI range that is double that of the 7HA.02 gas turbine. Not all natural gas is the same and this step change in fuel flexibility provided by the 7HA.03 enables customers to source their gas at the lowest price and reduce operating expenses without concerns for operability, performance loss, or emissions increases.

In addition to natural gas, GE has nearly 30 years of experience operating on more reactive fuels like hydrogen. To date, GE gas turbines have totaled over 4 million operating hours on hydrogen-based fuels with concentrations ranging from 5% to 95% (by volume). This experience has helped GE become one of the world leaders in the application of fuels containing hydrogen for our gas turbine fleet. 50% hydrogen capability and a technology path to 100% is now available on the 7HA.03.

Whether customers need to burn standard pipeline natural gas, liquified natural gas with high variability, or more reactive fuels like H2 or ethane, the 7HA.03 is ready today.

DLN 2.6e combustion system

GE’s DLN family (DLN 2/2.6/2.6+/2.6e) of combustion systems enables GE’s F- and H-Class gas turbines to reduce NOx emissions while enabling high plant efficiency plus extending outage intervals. The DLN 2.6e maintains many of the elements of GE’s DLN 2.6+ combustion system but introduces advanced premixing to the 7HA turbine combustor.

DLN 2.6e combustion system advantages include:

  • A wider operability range due to a lower tendency for high combustion dynamics
  • A 33% reduction in the metal surface area compared to DLN 2.6+, improving durability
  • Expanded fuel flexibility with verified capability to operate on both “rich” and “lean” gaseous fuels
  • Gas turbine turn down to 30% load
7HA.03 1 Closed Angle with Exhaust
Comprehensively validated

Our HA technology’s accelerated customer acceptance is assisted by Test Stand 7, the industry’s only off-grid, full-speed, full-load test facility for 50 and 60 Hz machines in Greenville, SC (USA). Test Stand 7 is unprecedented in its capabilities for comprehensive testing, improving durability and gas turbine performance upgrades, and has enabled the most thorough validation of GE’s HA gas turbines, ahead of the first units’ commercial operation. Our 7HA.03 gas turbine is built on our heritage of continuous improvement and innovation based on our testing capability.

test stand@2x


7HA.03 product specifications

  • Simple Cycle
  • Combined Cycle 1x1
  • Combined Cycle 2x1
Simple cycle specifications - 60 Hz
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Ramp rate (MW/minute)
Startup time (min.)
All ratings are net plant, based on ISO conditions and natural gas fuel. Actual performance will vary with project-specific conditions and fuel.


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7HA.03 gas turbine services

Our services team offers advanced technology installation, maintenance and upgrade solutions across total plant assets to more than 2,800 customers in 150+ countries.

As the OEM, GE is uniquely qualified to fully service and repair HA gas turbine hardware. Although our HA turbines are still a relatively young fleet, our experienced technical have performed six major inspections (MI) and 55+ hot gas path (HGP) inspections on HA units, validating our tooling, resources, and field procedures.

Planned warranty outages are helping our Repair Development Center master techniques and qualify repair processes and procedures to support future maintenance intervals. For example, blue light scanning on HGP hardware during new unit manufacturing allows GE to measure for creep management at repair intervals beyond what any other OEM could achieve.

Building on our HA service scope, GE will be prepared with tooling and service procedures to perform a full range of services on the 7HA.03 before the units’ first fire, if needed.


7HA.03 technology: complementing renewables for a sustainable energy future

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