Can GE’s gas turbines run on hydrogen fuel?


Our turbines have nearly 30 years of experience operating on a variety of fuels that contain hydrogen, totaling over 4 million operating hours as hydrogen-fueled turbines using concentrations ranging from 5% to 95% (by volume). This includes synthesis gas (syngas), a variety of steel mill gases (i.e. coke oven gas and blast furnace gas), and refinery off-gases. This experience has helped GE become one of the world leaders in the application of fuels containing hydrogen in gas turbines.

The use of hydrogen as a gas turbine fuel has been demonstrated commercially, but there are differences between natural gas and hydrogen that must be taken into account to properly and safely use hydrogen in a gas turbine. In addition to differences in the combustion properties of these fuels, the impact to all gas turbine systems as well as the overall balance of plant, must be considered. In a power plant with one or more hydrogen-fueled turbines, changes may be needed to the fuel accessories, bottoming cycle components, and plant safety systems. GE’s broad field experience enables our engineers to understand the impact of using hydrogen as a gas turbine fuel.

As gas turbines are inherently fuel-flexible, they can be configured to operate on green hydrogen or similar fuels  as a new unit, or be upgraded even after extended service on traditional fuels, i.e. natural gas. The scope of the required modifications to configure a gas turbine to operate on hydrogen depends on the initial configuration of the gas turbine and the overall balance of plant, as well as the desired hydrogen concentration in the fuel.

Hydrogen: Here’s how it works

Did you know GE’s gas turbines are already using hydrogen as a source of energy? Let GE’s Fuel Guy, Jeff Goldmeer, walk you through how hydrogen can be used as a power generation fuel today and in the future.

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Hydrogen & Gas Turbines: Unleashing Decarbonized Power
Join GE’s industry expert Dr. Jeffrey Goldmeer as he walks through the application of hydrogen as a gas turbine fuel, the leading technology that has advanced its capabilities over time, and the critical role that additive manufacturing may play going forward.

More experience in more places

GE has over 70 gas turbines supporting power generation with hydrogen and associated fuels around the world—take a tour of a selection!

Broad hydrogen capability across the entire gas turbine portfolio

GE has combustion technologies that are capable of operating on a wide range of hydrogen concentrations up to ~100% (by volume) converting a gas turbine to a hydrogen turbine.

GE hydrogen gas turbine present and future capabilities chart

More MW and more units
Of the world’s power generation units powered by hydrogen and similar low BTU fuels, GE accounts for
51%    45%
of the units    of the MW
Hydrogen power generation: Fuel-flexible gas turbines use hydrogen as an enabler for a low or reduced carbon energy ecosystem
This paper provides an update on how using hydrogen as a gas turbine fuel can support a low or reduced carbon electrical grid by operating on a wide variety of lower carbon fuels, including current hydrogen capabilities of GE's gas turbines, requirements for upgrading existing turbines for operation on hydrogen fuels, and potential future technology options.

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