100 field hours of biodiesel testing - ensuring our GTs meet customer efficiency and emissions expectations.


Over 740 HDGT combustion patents in the last five years.


GE’s experts performed over 20,000 hours of combustion testing in the last decade.

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A650 steam turbine

Fuels Capability

Industry-Leading Expertise

GE has the ability to test nearly any fuel in full scale at our world-class facilities

GE is committed to providing efficient and reliable power from a variety of fuels, and draws upon leading fuels and combustion experts from across the company, from Aviation and Oil & Gas, to GE Power and our state-of-the-art Global Research centers.

Our combustion expertise is integral to the development of efficient and reliable next-generation products. GE experts are continuously enhancing combustion technologies to further expand the available range of fuel sources. As a result, GE gas turbines can more efficiently use liquid and gaseous fuels to produce electricity, with lowered emissions.

At GE Global Research in Niskayuna, NY, our scientists are actively testing alternative fuels and seeking to expand capabilities for use in a wide range of applications. GE has the ability to test nearly any fuel in full scale at world-class facilities like our Greenville Combustion Lab, or even at a customer site. We have successfully conducted over 100 field hours of biodiesel testing–ensuring that our gas turbines meet customer efficiency and emissions expectations on this fuel.

A650 steam turbine

World’s largest and most flexible combustor module test facility

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, this 575,000 square-foot facility includes laboratory and office space for the air-cooled gas turbine design team. The facility includes five independent test cells, housing 10 full-scale, single-can test stands that can evaluate the full range of GE combustors installed in the world’s fleets. The facility is capable of replicating real-world fuel compositions at full-scale flow conditions to determine the combustor’s complete operability and fuel flexibility envelope, validating them for any condition they may experience in operation.

  • Up to 1,000 data streams captured continuously for every test
  • Ability to run natural gas, propane, butane, ethane, nitrogen, hydrogen, CO, and CO2, as well as multiple liquid fuel-types
  • Capable of testing all current GE fleet configurations at full-scale conditions, as well as developing new combustion systems for customer needs
  • Full-scale combustor development before installation for on-site full-speed, full-load, off-grid system validation

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