GE is the first OEM in the world to operate F-class gas turbines on Arabian Super Light (ASL) crude oil.


2.2 million fired hours on 48 units operating on low BTU fuels (e.g. syngas, high hydrogen, and steel mill gases).


10: Number of years the combustion lab in Greenville, SC, has operated and tested fuels and combustion equipment.

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A650 steam turbine

Fuels Capability

The Confidence to Deliver Fuel Solutions

GE’s industry leading fuel experience provides the confidence to deliver solutions to meet our customers’ fuel needs.

With more than 4,500 GE heavy-duty gas turbines installed around the world operating on more than 50 different fuels and fuel blends, GE knows the challenges operators face—volatile fuel prices, variability in fuel sources, increasingly strict environmental regulations, and the growing need for more power generation flexibility. GE has the broadest experience in the industry to reliably convert the full spectrum of fuels to mechanical, electrical, and thermal energy. Our field and lab experience includes:

  • Over 7,000,000 operating hours on heavy fuels, more than 25 combined-cycle plants operating with crude/residual
  • More than 140 GE gas turbines operating on various alternative gases (refinery off-gases and industrial by-product gases, syngas)
  • Nearly 400 GE gas turbines burning liquids other than diesel oil, such as crude oil, residual fuels, or naphtha
  • More than 50 GE gas turbines operating on low-BTU fuels; these turbines have accumulated more than 2.1 million operating hours, including over 400,000 fired hours on F-class units
  • GE is the only gas turbine manufacturer running F-class machines on ASL crude oil
A650 steam turbine

GE leverages its model-based gas turbine control systems to provide real-time, closed-loop tuning of the combustion system, which allows for stable operation even as gaseous fuel energy content varies.

 Download GE's natural gas fuel profile


GE has the experience operating on and conditioning a wide range of liquid fuels including refined products, such as distillate and naphtha, and a range of ash-bearing fuels, including light, medium, and heavy crude oils, as well as HFO.

 Download GE's distillate oil #2 liquid fuel profile


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A650 steam turbine

Operating on Arabian Super Light at Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Power Plants

GE is the first OEM in the world to operate F-class gas turbines on ASL
GE has offered ASL as a back-up fuel for multiple projects in Saudi Arabia. This includes 7 units at SEC’s PP11 power plant (left) which were successfully commissioned on ASL. A 120-hour field test was performed on a 7F turbine. During this test, the unit successfully operated at both part load and base load on ASL. This represents a major accomplishment for GE as PP11 is the first F-class power plant to use ASL.

7F.03 offers the fuel flexibility required for CC Green Duba Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plant
“In terms of fuel flexibility, GE has supplied the 7F.05 gas turbine to operate on condensate and the 7F.03 to operate on natural gas, with ASL crude oil as backup. GE’s F-class gas turbines are the first to offer customers the ability to operate on ASL.”

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GE Conducts a First-of-a-Kind Biodiesel Field Test

Duke Energy and GE Energy successfully conducted first-of-a-kind biodiesel field test (in an 80 MW combustion turbine--the largest ever in the US). “Successful completion of these tests furthers Duke Energy’s commitment to increase the use of renewable fuels to produce power for our customers,” said Jim Turner, Duke Energy group executive and president and chief operating officer for U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas.

 Read Duke Energy’s press release

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