Access to affordable, reliable energy is critical to sustaining and growing economies and is fundamental to quality of life in the modern world.

Energy powers our factories, provides light to study, enables access to clean water, heats our homes, transports products and people, refrigerates foods and medicines, and connects us to information in a digital world. Each year, $5 trillion is spent across the entire energy ecosystem globally from capturing natural resources through their final consumption by end users.

Multiple technologies, fuels and industries work in concert across the energy ecosystem to provide energy in the form and quantity required, with desired reliability at the lowest possible cost. The ecosystem can be segmented into fuel extraction and refining, fuel delivery and storage, electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and electrical consumption.


The electricity industry is undergoing massive transformation. Complex interrelationships across the entire energy ecosystem pose challenges to power leaders everywhere. The new age of digital is now providing the means for driving efficiencies, uncovering business opportunities and better serving consumers.