Partners for the Lifecycle

For more than 35 years, one of Uniper’s  trusted technology partners has been GE. Uniper is a global energy company that is firmly anchored in many regions of Europe and Russia, with around 36 gigawatts (GW) of generation capacity. Uniper’s core business is security of the energy supply and tailor-made energy solutions. 

GE and Uniper have a technology collaboration that spans decades. The two industry pioneers have been working together to push the limits of gas generation technologies since 1982, when GE installed two LM6000 gas turbines at Uniper’s The Hague plant in the Netherlands. Most recently, Uniper was the first power producer to order GE’s High Efficiency (HE) upgrade for GT26 gas turbines—the industry’s first upgrade that blends major F- and H-Class technologies.

The Best of Both Worlds: A Powerful Blended Solution

The GT26 HE solution represents a groundbreaking moment in the evolution of gas power. Not only does it incorporate technologies from both F- and H-Class fleets, it also blends the technology and expertise of two industry-leading OEMs: GE and Alstom. This is the first F-class gas turbine upgrade to achieve H-class performance levels at greater than 60% combined cycle efficiency. 

Power producers now also have access to a solution that combines innovations on the cutting edge of the power industry, from materials science and aerodynamics to data-driven engineering advancements and combustion dynamics.

Staying Competitive in a Fierce Market

After nearly 20 years of operation, Uniper’s Enfield power plant needed a solution to help it continue to operate competitively and profitably over the long term. 

As a result of the HE upgrade, which will be installed in 2020, Enfield is not only modernizing, it’s expected to reach new levels of performance and profitability—including an increase in output and efficiency at varying loads. In addition, maintenance intervals will be extended.

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