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Tanjung Bin 4

Strengthening Malaysian electricity production

Turnkey power plant project

To produce more power while lowering emissions, Malakoff chose GE to supply all key power generation equipment and to oversee all engineering, procurement, and construction processes (EPC) with its consortium partners Mudajaya and Shin Eversendai.

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More power, less emissions

Tanjung Bin 4 is one of the first power plants in southeast Asia to feature Ultra-Supercritical technology – the most efficient coal combustion technology on the market today. Supercritical power plants operate at a higher temperature and pressure than regular coal-fired power plants. These more stringent steam parameters improve their efficiency, increasing the amount of power output and decreasing fuel consumption and emissions, particularly CO2 per unit of fuel burned.

Key figures

  • 7.5 GW installed by GE in the country
  • 1,000 MW additional output with Tanjung Bin
  • Energy for 1,400,000 people in Malaysia
  • 5,400 employees on-site at its peak

The improved efficiency of Tanjung Bin 4 shows the power of GE's Smarter, Cleaner Steam Power in action.

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