Asset Performance Management (APM)

APM is a software application designed to increase asset reliability and availability while reducing unnecessary maintenance. A cloud solution, APM gives organizations the flexibility to develop analytics and applications, making it adaptable to changing needs.

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Monitored assets



Qatar-based RasGas, one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers, oversees and manages seven LNG production trains with an approximate capacity of 37 million tons a year. Facing increased global demand and new emissions regulations, RasGas worked closely with GE to develop a pilot project to reduce downtime and enhance plant efficiency.    

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The heart of the solution was GE’s Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) software, which allows RasGas to integrate years of historical data, with real-time intelligence to strengthen predictive and corrective capabilities.  As part of the pilot project, GE and non-GE assets for three LNG production trains were equipped with sensors and monitors.  The customized APM software allowed RasGas to detect early failures and identify areas to optimize and reduce waste.  

The Way Forward

RasGas represents 40% of Qatar’s economic output, so analyzing its data is no small feat, but the initial success of the pilot program helped to extend the life and efficiency of its machines by providing a holistic view of both its assets and performance for the first time.  GE’s APM solution is expected to cover the entire plant by monitoring and connecting 2,300+ assets with over 65,000 GE and non-GE devices.

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