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Challenge: Optimize LNG Plant Performance

By transforming a regional resource in a key component of the global energy mix, RasGas has become one of the world’s premier integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprises. Owned by Qatar Petroleum (70%) and ExxonMobil (30%), RasGas is a Qatari joint stock company with more than 3,000 employees and assists Qatar in exporting nearly one-third of the world’s LNG.

The RasGas plant is a good fit for asset performance software and solutions, because it focused on cost and value optimization of their plant to reduce overall expenditures. Additionally, the plant aimed to enhance efficiency by improving plant reliability and availability without compromising safety, health, or the environment.

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Solution: The Application of APM Software to a Natural Gas Plant

The digital initiative involving APM solutions at RasGas began in late 2014 with a pilot for early detection of equipment or system failures and production optimization for selected units of three LNG trains. With the help of GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, RasGas was able to implement asset anomaly detection through a unified user experience covering both GE and non-GE assets, providing alerts, alarms, historical analysis with the visibility into asset performance and health. The intention of RasGas’s APM solution was to reduce unplanned downtime, improve productivity and reliability, and to move from reactive to predictive maintenance for rapid recovery.


The APM team worked closely with the RasGas team to develop and identify opportunities for a pilot project to detect early failures and production optimization initiatives by leveraging a consolidated store of collected machine sensor data, analytic software and a platform that provides a plant-wide view.

By mid-2015, the asset performance analytics pilot project had demonstrated initially that early failures and process optimization opportunities can be detected with the use of analytics with the ability to identify further areas to optimize and reduce waste. Eventually, APM is expected to cover the entire plant by monitoring and connecting 2,300+ assets with over 65,000 GE and non-GE devices.

To learn more about asset performance optimization, see GE’s APM page for power and utilities. You can also download our complete customer stories e-book.

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