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Changing Processes and Technology to Make Better Decisions

Operations Optimization for Power

Deliver enterprise data visibility across power plant and fleet-wide footprints.

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Better Questions Lead to Better Answers

Asset performance, availability , fuel costs, demand, forecasts and competitive assets all play a role. It would take a modern marvel of computing power, software, analytics and historical data to make the right choices for business value. 

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), New Jersey’s oldest and largest investor-owned utility has elevated its power generation performance and plant economics to a new level with GE’s advanced software, analytics and domain expertise. In other words, the Industrial Internet is hard at work in the Garden State.


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Data, Data Everywhere, But How to Make it Connect?

With billions of data points, PSEG knew they had a valuable business asset. But there was no way to link that data in meanful ways to inform better decision-making. In fact, it was hard even to understand the breadth and depth of data available.

Asking the Right Questions

GE and PSEG worked together to identify the factors that could affect performance. Is it people? Is it equipment condition? Equipment limitations? Reliability? Maintenance? Mapping the performance potentials enabled the team to put together a plan to collect the correct data and convert it from data to understanding to actions.

Knowing What's Right and What's Wrong

Insight from 20 Key Performance Indicators now helps the company generate the right amounts of energy at the right time to sell at the right price. Using real-time operational data and experience-based analytics helps prevent things from going wrong – from unplanned outages and minor equipment adjustments that can improve efficiency to operating decisions that reduce maintenance costs and extend asset life. Instead of working to a calendar, a clock or a forecast, PSEG now works to reality.

Integrating Technology into Everyday Activities Changes Processes and Culture

Software and analytics are helping guide actions across the business. So engineers and operators make better decisions about maintenance, inventory and logistics. For traders, these deeper, rich insights provide near real-time visibility of operational capability and potential within the plant with greater precision.

$1 Million
Savings and Opportunties
Key Performance Indicators

It's working

PSEG’s customers and shareholders are already seeing the benefits of a power company that’s moved from guesstimates to knowledge-based operations. In just 6 months, efficiency and availability are up. Real savings and additional opportunities total almost $1 million.  


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