Building the Future of Poland’s Energy Sector

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna will soon enjoy an ultra-supercritical (USC) boost at its Opole coal-fired power station thanks to GE supplying two new 900 MW units. Once operational, the two power units will supply 1.8 GW, enough electricity for two million homes, making the Opole facility one of the largest coal power plant in Poland.

GE is supplying its efficient USC technology, including boiler islands, the turbine islands, air quality control systems as well as balance of plant. GE is responsible for overall project management and general design of the technology and parts supplied and supports the consortium members – Polimex-Mostostal, Rafako and Mostostal Warszawa - in their scope of work and will contribute to the construction and commissioning of the plants.

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Leading efficiency, lowering emissions

The USC and advanced steam turbine technology at Opole is the same as that driving the world’s most efficient coal-fired steam power plant in Germany’s RDK8 facility. The use of ultra-supercritical technology, which allows producing higher electrical output while burning less coal, will enable PGE to reduce its environmental impact and meet regulatory requirements. This is particularly important in Poland, where around 84% of fuel for electricity generation is coal or lignite.

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