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CHD Partners with GE to Decrease Emissions

Jenbacher J620

Jenbacher Type 6 engines are reliable, advanced engines serving the 1.5 to 4.4 MW power range. Its 1,500 rpm engine speed results in a high power density and low installation costs.

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Anticipating the Needs of Tomorrow

China Huadian Corporation is both a Fortune 500 company, and one of the five state-owned sole proprietorship power generation corporations in China. By the end of 2013, the installed capacity of China Huadian was 112,690 MW; additionally, the corporation owns the first 1000 MW ultra-supercritical air-cooling unit in the world. It's an energy giant in the largest global economy, and by choosing to work with GE, China Huadian is expanding their already vast portfolio of flexible energy solutions, as well as looking toward China's future.

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Heating the Huadian Industrial Park

China Huadian's Distributed Power Company selected their headquarters as the pilot location of their work with GE, deploying a pair of two-stage turbocharged Jenbacher 620 engines as part of a Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP) project. The Huadian Industrial Park comprises seven commercial buildings, including office buildings and a hotel. Upon installation, GE's Jenbacher engines will provide 23 million kWh for the industrial park each year, with a heat efficiency of over 78.6 percent.

Power Savings
Trees Planted

This project represents Huadian's first CCHP pilot, and is not just significant for Huadian, but also for China. It's the first of the five state-owned power generation corporations to enter the gas-fired distributed power market, promoting cleaner energy and emission reductions. "Developing natural gas distributed power is very important for China's energy infrastructure and to deal with air pollution," remarked Mr. Zhao Shengguo, General Manager of Huadian Distributed Energy Engineering Technology Company. "Together with GE, we are striving to be pioneers in the industry."

With their commitment to distributed power and their work with GE, Huadian has done something others haven't: proven that a company can be efficient, environmentally-friendly, and still meet the power generation demands of the world's largest population.

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